5 Reasons Why Perk Chinos Make Getting Older Less Sucky

A note from Perk founder Gabe who is turning 40 and freaking out. 

Last week my wife showed me a picture of the family at the beach. My first reaction was to ask her who the shirtless flabby guy next to her was. THE FLABBY GUY WAS ME.

Inside I still feel 25, but outside I look more and more like my dad. Sure, I looked up to him like he was a god when I was a kid, but he was “old”!

This is why at Perk we’re focused on timeless, classic clothes that make men of all ages look and feel good. They’re the best looking and best made t-shirts and chinos you can find.

If you’re facing down 40 (or 50 or 60), and still want to look & feel like you’re 25, here are 5 reasons to wear Perk:

1. Cheaper than a motorcycle

Or a race car. Or a trophy wife.
Our butt-lifting chinos are 1% the cost of a bike, and 10000% less hassle, but I promise they will have as much of an impact on how you look and feel.

2. More comfortable than leather

Perk chinos are designed to make regular guys look amazing. So why try to wear pants made for a body you only wish you had? We hear from men from 30 to 75 who say they’re the best fitting pants they’ve ever owned.

3. Accentuates your assets

No gym membership required! Perk tees will make your arms, shoulders, and chest look strong and your flat butt look amazing.

4. Camouflages the dad bod

What love handles? Our tees hide ‘em. Put you, 30-year-old Tom Cruise, and 60-year-old Tom Cruise in Feel Good Tees, and you’ll all look equally lean.

5. Made for grown-ass men

Face it - you wouldn’t buy a new car without power windows and heated seats like you would have as a 20-year-old. Perk clothes are elevated basics your adult self wants: tees and chinos with all the bells & whistles that look like new and feel softer and softer wash after wash.

"Their soft, stretchy chinos will make sure to get you noticed".