Chino pants
Chino pants

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Washes to Perfection

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Tired of overthinking pants?

We don't like wasting our time either. Other brands don't tell you this, but chinos reach their final form after 3 washes, synthetic fibers are of no use if they don't mold to your body, and most end up being baggy in the crotch because of bad design. So we designed men's chinos that fit beautifully after years of washing, pull your look together, and make you feel amazing.

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slim fit chinos

While you're being rough,
it's staying soft.

✔️ Stretches with you
✔️ Stays bright
✔️ Pills less 
✔️ Get softer with time


An impeccable fit,
especially after washing.

✔️ Doesn't bag out
✔️ Tapered fit that's not snug
✔️ Molds to your body
✔️ Washes to perfection

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slim fit chinos

Fits Like a Dream

It's engineered to stay soft and fit perfectly, so unlike your typical pair of pants, you'll be wearing these all day. Once you've got one in rotation, believe us, you'll want more. Fortunately, getting your hands on all these features won't break the bank:

"Makes my flat butt look fantastic"

Brent Owens
All Valley Mag

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Chino pants
Chino pants

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