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Do You Struggle With Raggedy Tees?

You know how most men's t-shirts shrink, don't fit right, are itchy all over, and then you need to chuck them? We don't like wasting our money either.

Other brands don't tell you this, but T-shirts reach their final form after 3 washes, so we designed a men's t-shirt that fits beautifully after years of washing, pulls your look together, and makes you feel amazing.

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While you're being rough, they're staying soft.

The Pima cotton means it resists wrinkles, stays bright, and pills less. It's a mid-weight fabric, so it’s the perfect blend of weight and breathability. Whether starring on its own or as a lightweight undershirt, this fabric is ridiculously cozy and something you’ll be hesitant to take off.

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They'll fit you beautifully, especially after washing.

Nothing is more important than fit. The curved hem—a rounded bottom inspired by your dress tees—gives it an elevated feel that's right on the money. It's got a tiny bit of extra length on the front and rear, but still lands right around your pant's pockets (which, by the way, is about where you want any tee to be).

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If you're tired of chucking out rags, you need a Perk t-shirt.

Let's set the record clear. You find the perfect tee, wash it, and suddenly turns into a cleaning tool. Pre-shrunk and pre-washed garments fall into this category too, because testing tells us that a shirt doesn't reach its true and final form until it has been washed at least 3 times. 

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"This is the best purchase I've made in years"

John Dibán

If you're the kind of guy that acquires your tees in three-packs and can't fathom why anyone wouldn't do the same, let us just say this: we get where you're coming from. But Perk's signature Pima Tee is not the kind of tee you get from a traditional store. Here's why:


"The constant problem I have is that I get lots of tees and wear them 2 or 3 times at most. They turn into rags. I bought a t-shirt on Perk and I've had it for a few months now; I've washed it multiple times and it still looks new. My girlfriend says I look great in it and I can wear this thing day and night. Moving forward, I'm only buying Perk t-shirts."

Daniel Bernhard
Founder of Pixelpay 


"I’ve always bought Supima tees at department stores, but it turns out the name doesn’t really mean anything when the T-shirt isn't designed to wash well. I bought my Perk T-shirts and I’ve been wearing them for weeks now, and I’m happy to say that they are even softer than before. They fit perfectly and i’m looking forward to wearing them for a long time."

Jack D.
Repeat Customer

How much are cheap t-shirts really costing you?

How often do you find yourself grabbing 'online deals'? How many end up unused after the first wash How many lost opportunities to make a good impression with a well-fitting t-shirt? Are you resorting to the same old clothes, that used to be made well? Cheap t-shirts may already be costing you a great deal. Fortunately, we're able to pass our savings to you when you buy more at a time.

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