We like to look put-together, even in casual clothes, just like you.

So we spend the big bucks, and end up buying shirts and pants that make us feel, well…inadequate.

They might look great on Rick here:

Perk clothing

But Who Are We Kidding

We aren’t Rick.

We hope for the best, only to look in the mirror and confirm what we already know… Most brands design for the Ricks of the world.

And wearing Rick’s clothes just points out all the ways we aren’t him. Yeah, that’s a confidence killer.

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best cotton t shirts for men

Forget Rick

Perk is for Regular Guys

At Perk, we come from 4 generations of clothing manufacturers. But unlike
most brands, we don’t design and market based on unrealistic "customer ideals and body types”.

Instead, we create form-flattering clothing based on what real guys want to do while wearing it, and how they want to look and feel in it. And we update our designs in response to customer feedback -- 16 iterations and counting!


Our goal is to help you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes by amplifying your assets and camouflaging your insecurities.

We know shirts can make your arms look like the skinny kid who always had a runny nose in class, or make your stomach look as desirable as a mound of bread dough.

And don’t even get us started on pants. The backside either looks like a droopy diaper or squeezes your butt out the top.

Our shirts are designed to make even skinny arms look strong. They disguise dad bods with silky Pima cotton that holds its shape, smoothness, and vibrant color even after many washes.

Our chinos magically turn even a flat butt into a compliment magnet, while giving you room to move. Whether you’re 25 or 65, that never gets old!

So add some Perk
to your rotation.