About Us:

At Perk, we believe that not all men are created equal!

Coming from 4 generations of apparel producers we have witnessed firsthand how every single brand designs and markets to an ideal man. An unreachable chiseled demigod that in contrast makes all of us look and feel like Dany DeVito. Nothing against DeVito!

We design clothing for real bodies. For everyday average Joe's.

You see them everywhere. We are beer-bellied, barrel-chested but we can also be lanky at the same time. We can be tall, short, and even very fit.

Our products have amazing attention to detail and are built with the mission to make everyone who wears them feel good about themselves.

We have big goals for 2021 and require someone to help us to make them a reality.



  1. Double our revenue for 2021 profitably through paid, owned, and earned initiatives.
  2. Create meaningful experiences for our customers so that they can be “wowed” in every touchpoint they have with us.




  • Lead Acquisition and retention efforts under one cohesive strategy.
  • Deliver against core KPIs including CPA, ROAS, AOV, New Customers, LTV and MER.

Paid Digital and Offline

  • Responsible for the performance of paid digital channels including social, affiliate, video, search.
  • Manage agency partners to make sure performance is being met and commercial calendars are aligned.
  • Develop a creative strategy that aligns images/videos and copy with the customer journey in each stage of the funnel.
  • Identify messaging opportunities to help with scaling efforts.
  • Work closely with agencies to develop copy, landing pages, offers, and content to increase revenue and conversion rates.
  • Measure and analyze channel performance to scale and optimize media mix.


  • Develop a complete retention strategy to incorporate Email, SMS, Direct Mail, And Loyalty programs.
  • Responsible for customer segmentation and personalization of the customer post purchase journey.
  • Create a monthly campaign calendar that aligns with our commercial calendar and all other initiatives.
  • Increase customer lifetime value and repeat customer rate.

Business Insights & Intelligence

  • Use Google Analytics, sheets, Data studio, Lifetimely, and any additional tools to uncover insights into customers, advertising spend and overall health.
  • Data should be the main driver in decision making and to understand answers to what and why something is or isn’t working. These learnings should be communicated and applied to other teams and efforts.
  • Uncover actionable insights through customer feedback to help drive marketing efforts and decision making. There should be a deep understanding of our customers.
  • Constantly be on the hunt for new customer types.
  • Collect, track and analyze data related to perkclothing.com, Path to conversions and identify opportunities.
  • Generate analysis and prepare ad-hoc reports.

Sales forecasting and Demand Planning

  • Collaborate with the CEO to build yearly, monthly, and weekly budgets that span all key channels and KPIs.
  • Collaborate with the CEO on defining inventory strategy including pricing, demand, levels, etc.

Required Skills

  • 3+ years’ experience in a similar role
  • Experience in direct-to-consumer e-commerce.
  • Highly analytical and data driven.
  • A scrappy self-starter attitude willing to roll up your sleeves and drive projects to completion.
  • Acquisition focused with an ability to be cost effective on spend to maximize ROI.
  • Demonstrated success using marketing analytics, customer feedback, customer lifetime value, segmentation and targeting techniques.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, with an ability to clearly identify strategic issues and make tough decisions.
  • Relentless has been used to describe you.



Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Remote with the ability to travel a couple of times a year.

What do we offer

  • Competitive Pay
  • Equity earned through performance milestones

To apply as a Director of growth at Perk, please e-mail and attach your resume to careers@perkclothing.com