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1.1 Pima Tee

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This tee is the reason Perk came into existence. In the search for the timeless staple every man needs in his wardrobe, we designed a simple curved hem drop cut that will instantly pull your look together. For the neck, we developed a tightly-knit and ultra-soft rib fabric, which differs slightly from the main fabric in the body to prevent bacon neck. A full neck tape with premium stitching throughout the shoulder gives it a premium look and helps keep its shape. It’s also entirely tag-less, so you can skip the itch for good. 

We're bringing continuous performance improvements and exciting new features to the Pima Tee. 



Improvements in needle tension to account for puckering on the neck rib. There's new adjustments to the shrinkage rule, now set at a 3% increase in dimensions to account for shrink performance after 3 washes. The t-shirt has been finalized for wide-spread release to the public.



The first public release version in a small batch test. Final specifications include:

New Core Fabric
• Peruvian Pima Cotton in a jersey knit pattern.
• 160 grams per square meter mid-weight fabric for year-long wear.
• 4-way mechanically stretchable.
• Fabric code: J29286
• Jersey 32/1
• Diameter: 30
• Gauge: 28
• Width: 1.65mts

New Patterns & Fit
• Tailored and fitted throughout the body.

New Neck Rib
• Tightly-knit, ultra-soft rib fabric on collar.

New Neck Tape
• Should to shoulder, self-fabric covered stitching.
• Drop cut / curved hem for a perfect, untucked look.
• Completely tag-less. Heat transfer logo in contrast color.


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