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5 Very Best Chinos for Men You Can Buy in 2023

If we had to pick the two most popular pants for a man’s wardrobe, we’d undoubtedly pick jeans and chinos. But we find that, while many people understand the impact of jeans, not as many guys truly get how far good chino pants can really go. 

If you’re a guy who likes wearing jeans on the weekends, then chinos should be your number-one pick for the office during the workweek. These pants are stylish and professional, yet comfortable and casual all at once. 

Do men still wear chinos? 

best chinos for men, buy chinos for men


To some, chinos may seem like a thing of the past. Are they even relevant anymore? We’re here to answer this question with a resounding ‘yes.’ Chinos are more relevant than ever and, if you don’t have any, it’s time to buy chinos - the right chinos - that will last and last. 

Does Perk have the best chinos?

You might say that we have a bias, but we promise that we’re answering truthfully when we say that Perk undoubtedly has the most durable chinos, the most comfortable chinos, and the best-looking chinos. We are the best place to buy chinos for sure! 

The Five Best Chinos

Now, we’re going to get into the five very best chinos that we offer, and give you some tips on how to style them. 

  • Riverside Blue

  • These Riverside Blue chinos are absolutely gorgeous, and they pair with a wide array of great colors. Darker chinos are a good way to make bright colors pop, so pairing pastels with these pants is always a good idea.

    best chinos for men, buy chinos for men


    White athletic shoes are wonderful with these Riverside Blue chinos, as the two colors provide great contrast to one another. 

  • Solid Black

  • Wearing chinos in Solid Black gives you so many options. One of the best ways to style these pants is by donning a red sweater on top - in the winter, these two colors together provide visual interest and coziness all at the same time. 

    You might also choose to go the all-black route and pair a black t-shirt with your Solid Black chinos - and this is also a great way to make yourself look taller! 

    What are the best chinos for men?

    The best men’s stretch chinos, without question, come from Perk. We offer a wide variety of colors and our fit is the best you can find. We craft our chinos with only the best quality materials so you can be sure that, no matter what color you’re sporting, you look good and feel good. 

  • Smooth Oak

  • Our Smooth Oak chinos are a shade of rich brown. To make the best-looking outfit, combine earth tones and fall colors like dark green, burgundy, burnt orange, and dark yellow. It can be difficult to style this shade in the summertime - but there’s no way to go wrong with white, navy, or gray. 

  • Light Khaki

  • Light Khaki chinos are known for being one of the most versatile shades - right along with Solid Black. One great way to make khaki pop is to pair it with a denim jacket; put on a white t-shirt underneath and rock this classic look with a pair of brown boots and aviator sunglasses. 

  • Ink Blue

  • Ink Blue chinos look great with a white t-shirt or even a button-down if you’re going for a sophisticated look. Add a pop of color to such an outfit by including a bright sweater overtop or, if you’d prefer, layer it with a denim shirt or sweatshirt. If you want to get dressed up, pair your Ink Blue chinos with a striped dress shirt or a blazer. 

    Are chinos still in fashion in 2023?

    Of course they are! We wouldn’t be seeing the sales that we do if this style of pants weren’t being widely worn by all types of men. 

    best chinos for men, buy chinos for men


    Your Chinos Style

    The best chinos for men are those you can wear in any situation. This style of pants can be worn for workwear and casual wear and look good in both settings. 

    How can you tell quality chinos?

    Quality chinos stand apart because of the material they’re made of. These pants should have a small amount of stretch, and they should never feel thin or flimsy. If your chinos fade or fray at the pockets, you probably don’t have a very high-quality pair. 

    How do you pick the best chinos?

    That’s easy - shopping at Perk will always ensure that you have the best chinos possible. Look for material that stands the test of time, colors that are rich and true, and pants with a perfect silhouette. That’s when you’ll know you’ve found the best chinos for men. 

    Choosing Perk

    best chinos for men, buy chinos for men


    Perk has what you’re looking for in terms of the best-looking and highest-quality chinos - and we have all the colors you could ask for. To learn more, check out our website