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7 Different Ways to Style Your Low Key Pocket Tee | T-Shirt Styling

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The most important part of choosing your clothing, after the quality of the clothes themselves, is how you style them. Even with simple items like a plain white t-shirt, it is important to pay attention to how you tie an outfit together.

A pocket t-shirt is one of the most basic, stylish t-shirts for men. If you don’t already have this men’s fashion staple in your wardrobe, you should add it soon, and if you need help deciding on outfits to make with it, let us help you by covering seven different t-shirt styling tips for your pocket tee.


This may be the most straightforward answer to what to pair with your pocket t-shirt, and that’s why we’ll cover it first. Jeans are a very fashionable addition to any casual outfit, and with their wide range of colors, you can pair them with a wide range of t-shirts.


If you aren’t concerned with looking too formal and prefer a simple casual look for the day, then pairing your pocket t-shirt with some jeans and sneakers is an easy way to look still stylish.

Chino Pants

If you’re still looking for a casual outfit but would like to up the level of sophistication just a little bit, then your best bet will be to pair your pocket t-shirt with some chino pants. You will probably own at least one pair of “khakis,” which are chinos, but if you weren’t aware, there are many different colors of chino pants, so you have many options to pair with your pocket tee.


Since you have also upped your sophistication with the chino pants, you will probably want to pair this outfit with some leather loafers or boots.

Chino Shorts

Now the weather won’t always be the best for wearing chino pants. Maybe that day is just a bit too hot, or you just want to feel more of the breeze. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, and if you still like the chino look, you could always turn to a pair of chino shorts.

Chino shorts should offer you more freedom and comfort but still provide a fashionable appearance.

Consider Some Board Shorts

Since we’re on the topic of shorts, we should talk about some other stylish options that may work better for men’s summer fashion. Board shorts, a bit more casual and flexible option than typical swim trunks, are an incredibly comfortable clothing item that has also offered increasingly fashionable styles in recent years.

This is a very casual look and not appropriate for more formal settings, but if you have an off day to relax and still want to look good, consider picking up a pair of board shorts.

Layer With A Flannel

Back to some cooler weather options, let’s discuss your options to layer your pocket tee with some other tops. Pocket tees, especially white ones, aren’t too eccentric, so they won’t stand out too much in an outfit. This makes them great as undershirts that you can base the rest of your outfit around.

Layering your favorite flannel shirt over the top of your pocket tee and grabbing some jeans to finish up the look is a classic outfit option that will never run out of style.

Layer with a Blazer

If you’re looking for another layered outfit that is a bit more formal than the flannel look, another good recommendation is to wear a blazer. If you often must dress for the office in a business casual look, then the chances are high that you have a blazer to rely on. But on top of just wearing collared shirts with your blazer, you can also dress it down using a pocket tee.

This combo can pair well with chinos or even jeans and overall accomplishes what could be considered a “smart casual” look.

Work It Into Other Smart Casual Looks

Pairing your blazer with a pocket tee is just one option for a “smart casual” look, which essentially dresses down business casual by taking away some of the more formal clothing items. If you would like to have more smart-casual looks in your wardrobe, consider adding things like thicker button-down shirts to layer with your pocket tee and even cardigans and other sweaters.

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