April Style Guide - Summer Hot Days and Easter Outfits

April Style Guide - Summer Hot Days and Easter Outfits

When considering the most fashionable outfits in their wardrobes, most men may find themselves thinking of the same word: layers. Stylish clothes for men can mean thick jackets over button-ups, possibly the inclusion of a vest if they’re feeling particularly bold. That’s well and good for autumn and winter, but once spring rolls around and the temperatures start rising, things start getting a little sticky. Finding the perfect, stylish clothes for men that look cool while staying cool can seem challenging on the surface, but it can be made both simple and affordable for anyone. Here are some expertly cultivated tips for beating the heat, and looking good while you do it! It’s time to hang up the sweaters, long sleeve button-ups, and wool hats in favor of cooler options.

#1: Dress Down to Dress Up

Picking out the best stylish clothes for men can mean a lot of things, but oftentimes it’s best to keep things as simple as possible. When it comes to men’s summer clothes and men's summer fashion, you can never overestimate the value of a solid, well-made t-shirt. They’re infinitely versatile, reasonably priced, and classically cool. Combine one of those with a fine pair of khakis and Birkenstocks, and you’re ready to go. 

A great t-shirt is the core of many men’s summer fashion options. Don’t neglect comfort when making your selection, because that’s what the t-shirt is all about! Men’s summer clothes need to look as good as they feel, and very few things look good once you sweat through them.

#2: Chinos Change the Game

A good pair of slim-fit chinos can make men’s summer fashion a breeze. These pants work well with both casual and business casual men’s summer outfits, so it isn’t a stretch to use them for your Easter outfits this year as well: they go as great with a t-shirt and sneakers as they do with a blazer and Chelsea boots. Khaki is always a safe bet, but black and navy blue options fit a variety of situations for men’s summer outfits.

Easter suits for men can easily be centered around a pair of chinos. Your Easter outfits can be constructed piecemeal, and chinos will elevate all Easter suits for men. Put on a pair of these with leather boat shoes and a blazer and you’re dressed to impress at the family dinner.

#3: A Good Blazer Goes with Everything

In the wide spectrum of stylish clothes for men and the constantly changing men’s fashion, the blazer has stood the test of time and remains an essential piece in any fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe. With many options that are breathable and lightweight, they can be quickly put on over a t-shirt to up the stylishness of any men’s summer outfit. They’re a part of all essential easter suits for men.

Want to make any simple composition of men’s summer outfits instantly classy? A blazer can do that for you. They’re practically the shortcut to men’s summer fashion made easy. The inclusion of a blazer even the most basic of men’s summer outfits. A blazer over a t-shirt may sound cheap at first brush, but it will make you stand out more than you might expect. Always remember: comfortable can be cool too!

#4: Make Your Dress Sneakers Shine

Stylish men’s clothes start from the ground up. A great pair of dress sneakers will carry you for miles, both literally and figuratively. Clothes make the man, and good shoes can make the clothes pop like you wouldn’t believe. If sandals aren’t your thing, then investing in versatile sneakers is a must for all your men’s summer fashion needs. As we previously mentioned, slim-fit chinos are a great pick as far as pants go, and chinos and sneakers are a classically chic combination. 

Plus, there’s no reason not to make them a part of your Easter outfit. Sneakers are a perfectly acceptable part of a stylish business casual outfit. Slacks, a blazer, a long-sleeve t-shirt, and sneakers will get the job done as well as any three piece suit.

#5: Look Hot for the Holiday (Without Getting Hot)

Planning your holiday outfit doesn’t need to be as stressful as it seems. Easter suits for men, and all Easter clothes for men, can be made easy with a few quick hacks. You don’t need to sweat about what you’re going to wear, and you certainly don’t need to sweat while you’re wearing it! 

Keep it light, keep it fresh, and, most of all, keep it simple. Men’s summer fashion rules apply across the board: Slacks, chinos, short-sleeve button ups, t-shirts, and blazers are all in play. Wear what’s comfortable for you, and you can’t go wrong. Easter outfits for men really can be that easy, and certainly they can be easy to wear!