men’s casual fashion, men’s casual outfits

Casual Cool: Men's Chinos and Tees for a Relaxed Everyday Look

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A relaxed look can seem easy to achieve, but there are many ways to go wrong with it in men’s fashion. The last thing you want is to think you look casual and relaxed but look like you slapped random bargain bin items on yourself and called it a day.

men’s casual fashion, men’s casual outfits


The key to men’s casual fashion is to master the outfits that work best for you to feel comfortable, casual, and confident. You should feel relaxed, but not look ungroomed. To this end, your goal is to find the fashionable clothing pieces you prefer for casual fashion. Our goal is to guide you through your options.

Why do I have to plan out casual clothing?

When you think casual, you might think easy. That’s not a bad or wrong instinct; casual fashion should be easy to wear and comfortable. Easy, in this case, does not mean it is impossible to mess up. You can go wrong with casual men’s fashion.

Easy means there’s a low bar to clear and a lot of freedom within casual fashion. You have to put in a little bit of effort, but once you do, the sky’s the limit.


The first option for men’s casual fashion is the chino. If you don’t know about chinos, you’re going to want some after this. If you do, and you didn’t think they worked for casual fashion, you’re going to want some after this.

Chinos are the perfect casual bottom, especially in cooler weather. They’re the beautiful child of jeans and khakis, inheriting the best aspects of both clothing pieces while being more comfortable and stylish than either. A few pairs of comfortable chinos can revolutionize your wardrobe—casual and otherwise.

Chinos are comfortable enough to look great in casual fashion while being clean enough to look good in more formal or professional settings, too. They come in plenty of colors and style variants to allow you to mix and match them with any pair of shoes or tee. They are incredibly versatile, super comfortable, and built to last.

men’s casual fashion, men’s casual outfits


If you need some chinos to build your casual wardrobe, be sure to check out Perk’s Feel Good Chinos. These are the most comfortable chinos on the market, and they come in enough colors to match any part of your wardrobe. They’re designed to be comfort fit chinos, so they’ll always be just tight enough to look great without constricting movement or causing discomfort.


If you were worried we would say no T-shirts, fear not. T-shirts do not inherently mean you aren’t trying. They are a staple of casual fashion—it’s just very easy to do them wrong. But, we can teach you what to look for when you’re buying tees so you know exactly what you need.

The best part about tees is how comfortable they are. Comfy tees are a core part of men’s casual fashion, but you don’t want just any comfy T-shirts. You need tees that fit you well. They should work with your body type and have colors that flatter both your skin tone and the color palettes of your other clothing pieces.

men’s casual fashion, men’s casual outfits


You’ll also want to avoid graphic tees, largely. While you don’t need to burn every graphic T-shirt in your closet, you want to be sparing with too many designs. Casual fashion is often defined by the “less is more” style commandment. Graphic designs are certainly not less; however, they can work exceptionally well in certain situations. 

If you’re looking for soft, comfy T-shirts, be sure to look at Perk’s Feel Good Tees. These are built to last and designed for stylish comfort. They’ll fit practically any body type and are true to size. Get yourself a few Feel Good Tees in different colors and your wardrobe will be set on the T-shirt front.


You can’t just wear chinos all the time (sadly), so if you need some other full-length pants, you can’t go wrong with the ultimate classic: jeans. While they started as work pants—and certainly still fulfill that role—jeans have become a staple of men’s fashion, and casual styling is no different.

Get yourself a few pairs of well-fitting jeans. Be sure you get the right washes on the denim, depending on the color palette of your wardrobe. Then, you’ll have some variation in your full-length pants for relaxed styling.


You will also need some shorter pants for hotter weather and more casual events. While it can certainly be tempting to wear cargo shorts or—God forbid—basketball shorts out on the town, getting some good khaki or even chino shorts are a must.

Shorts follow most of the same rules as chinos: they should fit well, look nice, and have good colors. You might not need as many shorts as you need full-length pants, but if you live in a hotter region, feel free to really stock up.

men’s casual fashion, men’s casual outfits


Shorts that fit well, fall above the knee, and have flattering colors are the key to good shorts styling. To that end, be sure to check out Perk’s Feel Good Shorts. These are the newest addition to our store, and they’re sure to make any casual outfit they’re included in look perfectly relaxed but stylish.


Sadly, you can’t only wear T-shirts (even if they do look great), so get yourself some nice button-ups. These are not dress shirts. You’re looking for short-sleeved button-up shirts that work well with the wardrobe you’ve assembled thus far.

Button-ups are where you can go a little further away from “less is more.” Fun patterns and bright colors are part and parcel of button-up shirts, so go for it! If you have a handful of fun button-ups, your wardrobe will never bore you—or the people around you. 

Button-ups are where you can really let your personality shine through, especially if you pair them with well-fitted but neutral-colored bottoms, like chinos or shorts. 


No outfit is complete without good shoes. Shoes follow the same rules as all other casual fashion pieces: less is more. As such, you’ll want shoes that look slick and nice but don’t draw too much attention.

Sneakers are a perfect option here. A good pair of white sneakers or high tops will take you much further than you’d imagine. They can go with almost anything and are relatively simple to keep clean. Alongside those, good-looking tennis shoes work well. You can also whip out the classic boat shoes or loafers.


Finally, you want to accessorize—but not too much. A nice watch completes almost any outfit, and relaxed looks are no different. You can also get some nice bracelets and/or necklaces. Depending on the look, more accessories can work better than less, but that needs to be intentional. You don’t want to overload the outfit.

men’s casual fashion, men’s casual outfits

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