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How to Dress Well: The 12 Rules All Men Should Learn

Life is full of rules, and the latest men’s fashion is a part of life - meaning it has rules of its own. Of course, every guy has their own men’s dress style, but we’re talking about general rules that every man can benefit from. 

Over anything, these rules on trending fashion for men are suggestions rather than laws, so take them as you will - just know that well-dressed men across the world follow these rules and put together outfits to prove it. 

It’s always smart to have fallbacks in terms of trending clothes for men, staples in your closet that you can always depend on so you’re not wearing the same track jacket again and again (though there are ways to make one work every now and then). 

The 12 Rules

These twelve rules surrounding trending fashion for men are the definition of ‘tried and true.’ They don’t take a rocket scientist to understand, either - usually, the best rules keep things simple and straightforward. 

Let’s get started:

  • Know how to wear a suit. 

  • The most important aspect of a suit is the way it fits. A classic suit is the best choice, a two-button, single-breasted suit in a dark color that goes light on the details. Don’t think of it as boring, think of it as a canvas that can springboard your originality. 

  • Invest in the right watch. 

  • Watches are personal accessories, and your watch should be chosen because you love it. A watch that coincides with your personal style is the perfect cherry on top when it comes to the latest men’s fashion - along with fashion trends of yesteryear. 

  • Use color to your advantage.

  • Color is good for both casual and formal outfits; there’s no reason to shy away from it. While navy, gray, and black are classic choices, there’s nothing wrong with timeless greens, pinks, mustards, and blues.

  • Wear in your jeans. 

  • The best cut of jeans for any male shape is the ‘slim-tapered’ style, because they’re wider around the thigh and narrow near the ankle in order to show off your shoes. You can wear these jeans with anything, no matter your age or the occasion

  • Keep up your appearance. 

  • If you’ve invested good money into your clothes, make sure they stay pristine. Use wooden hangers to hang your shirts and shoe trees for high-quality shoes. Wash your clothes regularly and don’t be afraid to hit up the dry cleaner for your suits. 

    And don’t forget to keep up on your own grooming routine, either! 

  • Spend money on good shoes. 

  • Because shoes are an investment, you’ll want to find pairs that won’t go out of style anytime soon. These styles include brogues, loafers, and derbies - usually in dark colors. 

    And don’t skimp on the dress socks, either, as they are a crucial component of a good shoe. 

  • Don’t over-accessorize. 

  • Ties and pocket squares are interesting parts of trending fashion for men, but you shouldn’t let them overtake your outfit. Instead of matching them, use them to complement what you’re wearing. And remember, less is more when it comes to accessories. Put on what you think you need, then take one element away. 

  • Dress for where you’re going. 

  • Men’s dress style should hinge on where they’re headed; it can be uncomfortable to feel out of place, which is why dressing for the setting is key. 

    Pro tip: when in doubt, opt for overdressing instead of underdressing. 

  • Find versatile outerwear. 

  • Instead of a separate entity, think of your coat as the final layer of your outfit. For casual looks, field jackets and bomber jackets are good choices. If you’re dressing up, there’s nothing like the look of a short mac jacket with a pair of chinos

  • Invest in your own dinner suit. 

  • It may be tempting to rent a dinner suit because you don’t frequently need one, but it’s not often that rented suits fit the way you want them to. To ensure a perfect fit, buy your own upscale suit and get it tailored. 

  • Stick to the classic shirts.

  • Trending clothes for men will always include button-up shirts, and no matter how much you paid for yours, it has the potential to look expensive if it’s well-pressed. 

  • Know that rules are meant to be broken sometimes. 

  • There are times in men’s fashion when it’s wise to adhere to the dress code or societal expectations, then there are times when you should branch out and break the rules. After all, that is the way style advances. 

    Becoming Well Dressed Men

    Honing men’s dress style doesn’t have to be a chore, nor does it have to be difficult. At Perk, we’re here to help with our expert advice on men’s fashion - check out our blog to learn even more.