Interesting Birthday Attire Ideas for Celebrating in Style for Men

Interesting Birthday Attire Ideas for Celebrating in Style for Men

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There are a few days that every guy looks forward to during the year. Of course, you’ve got Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Some guys enjoy Independence Day. New Years is important, as are the eight days of Hanukkah and Eid al-Fitr, too. Depending on your background and religion, there are many different holidays to get excited for. 

But there’s one that stands out from the rest. It’s something that everyone has in common. No matter who you are, you are someone with a birthday! Birthdays are exciting events - but what’s not exciting is trying to find birthday outfits for men. 


When you were a kid, your birthday was simple. Your mom picked out your outfit and laid it on the bed, and you were all set. Well, those days are long over (we hope). Now, it’s up to you to choose your birthday dress for men - and Perk is going to help you do it right. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of birthday clothes to keep you looking stylish as you head into your next year of life. Whether your occasion is casual or something with more pomp and circumstance, you’ll find a way to make these fashion ideas work. 

  • Grunge Chic

  • You probably don’t even need to go shopping in order to pull off grunge chic. All you need is a graphic t-shirt, a jacket, ripped jeans, and sneakers - and you’re set. To many guys, this is an outfit that they’d wear out anyway, so choosing to wear it for their birthday is as far from stressful as you can get. 

  • Blazer Style

  • There are plenty of ways to use blazers to your advantage. One of our favorite ways to make it happen is by pairing your favorite blazer with Perk’s Low Key Pocket tee, then wearing checked trousers and monk strap shoes to finish it off. This is a one of the birthday outfits for men that would look great in a bar or a stylish restaurant. All eyes are going to be on you!

  • Crisp Denim

  • White denim can go a long way. Pairing it with a sweatshirt, especially a sweatshirt in a bright color, creates a complete outfit for men that’s casual and crisp at the same time. As for shoes, try out a pair of suede sneakers to bring the outfit together in a laid-back, classy way. 

  • Espadrille Fashion

  • The last thing you want to do as a guy is limit your options for footwear. Remember that shoes are there not only to protect your feet, but to make a statement! Wearing an attractive pair of espadrilles gets the job done right. To make these shoes stand out, pair them with a sleek pair of Perk’s chinos and a casual shirt. That way, you won’t be too dressed up, but there’s no way you’ll look sloppy. It’s the perfect choice for birthday clothes. 

  • The Printed Jacket

  • When you’re trying to find the perfect birthday outfit, one of your most important pieces is one that makes a statement. For this look, find a printed jacket - one that commands attention and shows off your confidence. 

    To make your outfit especially eye-catching, try using one of Perk’s super soft pima t-shirts as the base, because the solid shade of our tees will make your bold jacket pop and become the focus of your look. With the plain t-shirt and printed jacket, wear jeans and a pair of sneakers for an all-around classic look on your birthday.

  • Stripes All Day

  • Stripes are a friend to most every guy - especially on your birthday. They have a way of making an outfit come alive and bringing attention where it needs to go. Wearing a fun striped shirt on top and a pair of jeans on the bottom creates visual interest without making your birthday outfit hectic or tacky-looking. Throw on a pair of sneakers and head out to where the party is. 

  • Bomber Jacket Ready

  • The bomber jacket is a component of birthday outfits for men that will never go out of style. Wearing one of these with a plain top from Perk underneath, along with raw denim and sneakers will give you the classy-yet-edgy look that you've been striving for. 

  • The Sleek Turtleneck

  • If you’ve got a winter birthday, one of your best fashion ideas for your party revolves around the turtleneck. By wearing a turtleneck in a deep, rich color and pairing it with jeans, you’ll automatically be the classiest one in the room. Amp up your style even further by adding a pair of suede platform boots. 

    Celebrating You on Your Birthday

    Your birthday is a day meant just for you - so make sure you look good while you’re celebrating. For more tips on men’s fashion advice, visit Perk’s blog and read more.