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Men’s Jacket Trends for Fall and Winter 2022

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A cool men’s jacket is just what you need to top off a stylish outfit, but there are so many styles to choose from. There’s not just a bunch of options available, but you’ve also got to keep in mind just what winter jackets for men are in style this season. 

Plus, it’s not easy to predict the weather for the season that we’re in. Fall can be freezing cold in the morning and boiling hot by the afternoon, and that’s exactly why you need a nice jacket to complete your fall men’s outfit - something that gives you the right kind of layer, but not something bulky and hot. 

The trick is to look for men’s fall coats and jackets that are laid back and stylish. The same can be said for winter, too. These modern men’s jackets should be versatile enough to wear with all sorts of clothing

2022 Coats and Jackets

From bombers to chore coats to anoraks, we’ve got the top trending winter and fall jackets for men right here. 

  • Sherpa Jacket

  • Sherpa is a fabric that closely resembles wool. It was first created and worn by the Sherpa people of Nepal, but most modern sherpa is made from pure cotton or a blend of synthetic fibers like polyester.

    Sherpa is known for being lightweight and less bulky than other insulating materials, plus it’s great at wicking moisture if you tend to sweat. It’s a great option during fall when the temperature is unpredictable. Beyond that, the fluffy texture is on-trend right now, and will be for seasons to come! 

  • Anorak

  • The anorak is another cool men’s jacket that originated within Indigenous populations. The anorak is a hooded jacket that was originally created and worn by the Arctic peoples to keep them warm and protected from harsh winter wind. 

    When you wear an anorak, you always wear it as your outermost layer. It might extend lower than most jackets do in order to provide the most coverage from the elements. Authentic anoraks are lined with fur to provide as much warmth and softness as possible, but you can find anoraks in almost any material these days. Many popular designs are made of synthetic, moisture-wicking styles that are some of the best winter jackets for men out there. 

  • Light Puffer

  • Extra large puffer jackets have been all the rage for stylish winter jackets for men, but in 2022, they’ve started to go down in size. Super bulky puffer jackets are difficult to transport, and downsizing means that they take up less room in your suitcase. 

    Light puffers provide just as much insulation without the bulk, offering a much slimmer profile. 

  • Chore Coat

  • The chore coat first appeared in France during the nineteenth century when physical laborers needed a functional piece of outerwear that could withstand heavy usage. These coats are most often made with durable fabrics like canvas or twill, and the way to wear them as a men’s fashion winter jacket is to allow them to fit loosely. They’re covered with large, deep pockets that are ideal for holding tools and other day-to-day necessities. The chore coat is popular in 2022 for its loose fit and simplistic design. 

  • Highland Jacket

  • The highland jacket is a mix of the chore coat and the military jacket worn by Scottish officers and soldiers. Designed to be worn with kilts and protect wearers against Scotland’s bleak weather, this jacket goes without lapels and pockets and instead features a row of small buttons. More modern versions of the highland jacket add these features back, though, and are known for how well they partner with a great pair of chinos

  • Bomber Jacket

  • These men’s fall coats and jackets were once called flight jackets, back when they were first developed by pilots in World War I. Now, these jackets are effortlessly stylish and a staple for every man’s wardrobe. They’re shorter than most outerwear, gathering above the hips to cinch around the wrists in order to trap heat. These types of jackets look great zipped up or worn open to show off a sleek, stylish top underneath

  • Kevron Shacket

  • The shacket is one of the latest trends in fashion jackets for men. It’s a combination of a shirt and a jacket, creating a lightweight piece of outerwear that comes with its own color and style. Kevron is a large plaid pattern that utilizes two or three colors, and these types of shackets are known for being simple, yet eye-catching and bold. They’re perfect for a fall men’s outfit when the weather is just beginning to get chilly. 

    Choosing Your Jacket

    The type of men’s fall jacket that you choose is up to you. Pick something from this list and you’ll fit right in with the trendy guys in your life during fall and winter of 2022.