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Men's Winter Clothing Style Guide | How to Dress for Cold Weather 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Most guys’ main priority in winter is staying warm, but we’re here to tell you that you can stay warm and look cool at the same time. There’s no need to sacrifice one for the other - you just have to know how to style your men’s winter fashion so it works in your favor. 

Layering Is King

Winter clothes for men hinge on blending the right fabrics to create a look that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, too. 

First, we’ll look at layering based on necessity and keeping warm. Then, we’ll look at it while keeping visuals in mind. 

  • Insulation 

  • In order to insulate your winter clothes for men, start with the thinnest, slimmest fabrics first and move towards thick, loose, and bulky.

    There are two key benefits to layering. They are:

    • You can easily regulate your body temperature. If you’re indoors and the heat is cranked, the solution is simple. Just take off a few layers. If you go outdoors and the wind has picked up, simply put those layers back on. 
    • Your winter style for men will come with a certain sense of visual intrigue. Everyone loves a well-dressed guy and, whether you’re dressing business casual or for a night on the town, layering is a great way to hone your look. 

    • Aesthetics 

    When you layer for your men’s winter clothing style, every layer should be attractive and well-fitting enough to wear on its own. If you’re not comfortable wearing something alone, it won’t put across the right vision for your layered look. 

    Beyond that, your outer hem should always be longer than your inner hems. You don’t want your shirt sticking out from under your sweater. 


    Winter Fabrics

    There are certain fabrics that your men’s winter wear should consist of. These fabrics are nice-looking and will keep you warm. They include: 

  • Cotton
        • Cotton is best used for base and middle layers. It is especially absorbent, which helps with moisture-wicking. If you’re looking for the softest, longest-lasting t-shirts made with top-tier pima cotton, look no further than those we offer at Perk
  • Flannel
        • Flannel is both warm and soft, but it isn’t heavy. This makes it a great asset for your winter style for men. 
  • Denim
        • Denim is best used as a middle or top layer in the form of jeans or a denim jacket. Just make sure to limit your outfit to a single layer of denim; don't go overboard. 
  • Leather
        • Leather will protect you from the elements, which makes it a great outer layer for your men’s winter fashion. 
  • Wool
      • Wool is the warmest fabric, which means you should use it as a middle or top layer. 

    5 Mistakes to Avoid

    Now that we’ve gone over the basics for winter outfits for men, it’s time to share five common mistakes to avoid if you want to look your best during the chilly months. 

    Mistake #1: Spending too much on the wrong things. 

    When you’re shopping for winter style for men, you’ve got to get your priorities straight. Just because something is labeled with a brand doesn't make it automatically better - but it does make it automatically more expensive. Look at the quality of an item rather than who made it; one doesn’t always equal the other. 

    Mistake #2: Not spending enough on the right things. 

    It’s easy to spend too much on the wrong things. It’s also easy to shy away from spending more on winter pieces that you really need. Don’t cheap out on:

    • Coats and jackets 
    • Thermal underwear
    • Footwear  

    These are good investments that will serve you for many winters to come. Cheap products will only last one season, if that. 

    Mistake #3: Ignoring colors and patterns. 

    There are so many colors to incorporate into your men’s winter fashion that you can't wear in the summer. Instead of going with pastels, opt for neutral colors like black, olive, navy, and tan. Choose chino pants in khaki or navy blue and mimic the change in seasons with the palette of your wardrobe. 

    Mistake #4: Buying clothes that don’t fit. 

    Tailoring can’t fall to the wayside simply because the temperatures have dropped. While we understand that you’re focused on staying warm, aesthetics still matter. Remember - nothing too tight or too baggy. 

    Mistake #5: Wearing the wrong gear. 

    In order to feel comfortable with your winter clothes for men, you’ve got to be proactive. Check the weather to see what you’re up against and dress in a way that will keep you comfortable. The season will be much less torturous if you know how to prepare for it. 


    Staying Warm and Chic This Winter

    We want you to stay toasty this winter and flaunt your best men’s winter fashion while you do it. For more advice on refining your style, visit Perk’s blog.