Perfect Summer Essential - Men's Round Neck T shirt, Pair with Anything in your Wardrobe

Perfect Summer Essential - Men's Round Neck T shirt, Pair with Anything in your Wardrobe

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At Perk, we know that summertime is all about looking cool and feeling cool. So, what’s the easiest way to make that happen? Here’s our go-to: the round neck t-shirt. 

Not only is the round neck t-shirt for men comfortable and breezy, it also looks great on pretty much every body type. And it goes with most everything you already have in your closet! Whether you want to dress it up with a pair of chinos or dress it down with a pair of worn-in jeans, the round neck shirt won’t let you down. 

Why This Tee?

If you’re still not buying the classic nature of the men’s crew neck t-shirt, let us convince you further. Here are some reasons why it’s a great choice for any guy this summer:

  • It’s Customizable
        • Round neck shirts are known for their neckline that both fits and flatters all body types. They come in all sorts of prints - and if prints aren’t your thing, there are tons of solid color choices too. 
  • It’s Layer-able
        • In the summer, all you have to do is throw on a men’s crew neck tee and a pair of pants and you’re good to go. But the good news is that, in the winter, not much extra thought has to go into it. You can still wear your favorite tee, just add a few layers. 
  • It Makes a Statement
      • If you’re the type of guy who wears your beliefs on his sleeve (or his chest, in this case), a crew neck tee is the perfect place to put a slogan or logo. 

    Picking Your Shirt

    Round neck t-shirts used to only be worn as undershirts, but those days are long gone. Now, there are so many unique ways to style them - you just have to make sure you’ve got the right fit. 

    A men’s crew neck t-shirt fitted exactly right will get heads turning. Here’s what to be conscious of as you find the right fit for your physique: 

  • Size and Tightness
        • You don’t want your crew neck tee to be too tight, but you don’t want it to be too loose, either. Too big looks sloppy, and too tight is simply unflattering. 
  • Shoulder Seams
        • Your shoulder seams should be lined up where your shoulders end, not at your neck or on your arms. 
  • Shape
        • Your round neck t-shirt should complement the shape of your body. Boxy tees with loose sleeves might make you look like a pizza box, so you want ones that follow your form but aren’t ultra-form fitting. 
  • Length
        • The bottom hem of your men’s crew neck t-shirt should never hit above your hips. Instead, it should cover your waistband and extend a few inches lower than your waistline. 
  • Sleeves
      • The sleeves of your crew neck tee should go about halfway down your upper arms - check to see if they’re too tight by raising your arms above your head. If you choose a long sleeved t-shirt, make sure your arms have some breathing room, but not too much. 

    How to Look Good

    Here’s how you can make your round neck t-shirt for men stand out in a crowd: 

  • Pick the Right Pants
        • You can pair your round neck t-shirt with jeans, chinos, even shorts. Tie your outfit together with a pair of sneakers to complete the look. 
  • Layer With a Shirt
        • Wearing a button-up shirt over a crew neck tee will give you an edgier vibe that stands out from the crowd. 
  • Get Professional
        • Pair your round neck t-shirt for men with a suit jacket to head into the office. For an especially slick style, choose either a solid black or white tee in a slim fit
  • Rock the Denim
        • Layering a crew neck tee under a denim jacket and pairing that with jeans in the same color creates a stylish look that everyone can pull off. 
  • Go for Sporty
      • If you’re looking for streetwear, try pairing a men’s crew neck t-shirt with a hoodie. Hint: if you combine a black hoodie, black tee, and black jeans, you can’t go wrong. 

    Personalizing Your Style

    What’s great about the crew neck tee is that you can customize it to fit your personality. Something that seems so basic at first glance is really anything but. 

    Whether you pair your round neck shirt with a pair of jeans for a casual vibe or slip your suit jacket on over it to head to the office or an upscale bar, you’ll most definitely have people wondering how you made the style look so effortless. 

    The best part? You can get these tee shirts in every color and switch it up whenever you feel the need! 

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