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PERK’s Christmas Sale on Polo Tees: 11 Polo T-shirt Outfit Ideas for Men

Polo shirts have long been a symbol of classic style and sophistication in men's fashion. This versatile wardrobe staple seamlessly transitions from casual to semi-formal occasions, making it a must-have for every man's closet, so you’re going to want to snag a few Polo shirts. Plus, with PERK’s Christmas sale, you can get them at a huge discount!

In this blog post, we'll explore the world of Polo Chic and present you with 11 dashing outfit ideas that showcase the timeless appeal of polo t-shirts for men. Get ready to elevate your style with PERK Clothing's premium collection of polo t-shirts.

Why PERK Polo T-shirts?

Before we dive into the outfit ideas, let's talk about why PERK Polo T-shirts are the go-to choice for the modern man. Crafted with precision and made from high-quality materials, PERK's polo t-shirts offer the perfect blend of comfort and style. Plus, with our current Christmas sale, you can get 30% off Polos and Polo bundles!

Building Your Polo Chic Wardrobe: Outfit Ideas

Building Polo outfits doesn’t need to be a stressful affair. Here are 11 Polo outfit ideas—from general to specific—for you to try out:

perk polo t shirts, polo t shirts mens,

Polo with Chinos

Combine the classic charm of a polo t-shirt with the timeless elegance of chinos. Opt for a navy polo with beige chinos for a sophisticated casual look. Add a leather belt and loafers to complete the ensemble. This outfit effortlessly transitions from a day at the office to an evening out.


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Polo with Shorts

For a laid-back yet polished vibe, pair a vibrant polo with tailored shorts. This combination is perfect for a casual day out or a weekend brunch. Throw on some sneakers or boat shoes for a relaxed yet stylish look.


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Polo with Jeans

Achieve a smart-casual look by pairing your favorite polo with well-fitted jeans. Choose darker denim for a more polished appearance. Add a sleek leather jacket for an extra edge, making this ensemble suitable for evening events or casual dinners.

Polo with Coat

Elevate your winter wardrobe by layering a polo t-shirt with a tailored coat. This combination is both refined and warm, making it ideal for business-casual settings or evening outings during the colder months.

Polo with Formal Pants

Break away from the conventional shirt and tie with a polo paired with formal pants. This unconventional yet stylish combination is perfect for occasions that demand a touch of sophistication without the formality of a dress shirt.

Polo with Blazer

For a polished and refined look, layer your polo with a well-fitted blazer. This ensemble strikes the perfect balance between casual and formal, making it suitable for a variety of occasions, from dinners to business meetings.

Striped Polo with White Shorts

Embrace a nautical theme with a striped polo paired with crisp white shorts. Perfect for summer outings and beachside events.

Patterned Polo with Denim

Experiment with patterns by pairing a patterned polo with classic denim. This casual and trendy look is perfect for a day of errands or coffee with friends.

Pastel Polo with Linen Pants

Achieve a light and airy look with a pastel-colored polo paired with breathable linen pants. Ideal for warm weather and vacation settings.

Graphic Polo with Joggers

For a contemporary and urban style, opt for a graphic polo paired with comfortable joggers. This casual yet trendy combination is perfect for a day of leisure.

Contrast Polo with Tailored Shorts

Create visual interest by pairing a contrasting color polo with tailored shorts. This dynamic ensemble is suitable for a variety of casual settings.

Should Polo Shirts be Tucked In or Out?

The decision to tuck in or leave out your polo shirt depends on the occasion and your personal style preference. Tucking in adds a touch of formality and is suitable for business-casual settings while leaving it untucked is perfect for a relaxed, casual look.

Should Polo Shirts be Buttoned Up?

The number of buttons you choose to fasten depends on the style you're aiming for. For a more casual appearance, leave a button or two undone. If you're going for a dressier look, button up the polo shirt all the way.

What is the Best Color Polo for Men?

The best color for a polo shirt depends on personal preference and the occasion. Classic colors like navy, white, and black are versatile and can be easily paired with various bottoms. Vibrant colors add a pop to your wardrobe and are perfect for a casual, upbeat look.

perk polo t shirts, polo t shirts mens,


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Pairing Polos with Chinos: A Colorful Affair

One of the great advantages of polo shirts is their versatility in pairing with different bottoms, and chinos provide an excellent canvas for a myriad of color combinations. Here's a guide to pairing your favorite polos with chinos:

  • Navy Polo with Beige Chinos: A classic combination that exudes timeless elegance. The navy polo adds a touch of sophistication, while beige chinos keep the look light and relaxed.
  • White Polo with Navy Chinos: The epitome of crisp and clean. A white polo paired with navy chinos creates a sophisticated, nautical-inspired ensemble that's perfect for various occasions.
  • Light Blue Polo with Gray Chinos: For a refreshing and laid-back look, opt for a light blue polo with gray chinos. This combination is perfect for casual outings or weekend activities.
  • Burgundy Polo with Khaki Chinos: Add a pop of color to your ensemble by pairing a burgundy polo with khaki chinos. This combination is ideal for fall and adds a touch of warmth to your look.
  • Black Polo with Olive Chinos: A modern and edgy combination, the black polo with olive chinos creates a stylish and versatile outfit. Perfect for evenings out or casual gatherings.

Best Settings for Polo Shirts:

Polo shirts are incredibly versatile, making them suitable for a variety of settings:

  • Casual Outings: Polo shirts are a go-to choice for casual outings. Pair them with shorts or jeans for a relaxed and comfortable look.
  • Business-Casual Settings: Tuck in your polo shirt and pair it with chinos or formal pants for a business-casual appearance. Add a blazer for an extra touch of sophistication.
  • Sporting Events: Polo shirts have a sporty origin, making them an excellent choice for sporting events. Pair them with shorts or athletic pants for a sporty and comfortable ensemble.
  • Weekend Brunches: Combine a polo with tailored shorts or chinos for a polished yet laid-back look perfect for weekend brunches or outdoor activities.
  • Evening Gatherings: Elevate your evening look by pairing a polo with well-fitted jeans or chinos. Add a blazer or a coat for a refined appearance suitable for dinners or social events.

Elevate Your Style with PERK's Polo Chic

perk polo t shirts, polo t shirts mens,As you explore the myriad ways to style polo t-shirts, remember that the key lies in versatility. With PERK Clothing's premium polo collection, you have the foundation to create countless stylish outfits that reflect your unique taste and personality. Take advantage of our huge Christmas sale (with up to 50% off certain items!) and refresh your wardrobe for the new year. Our clothes make the perfect gifts for Christmas—for yourself or your loved ones!

Explore PERK's Polo Collection and embrace timeless style with a modern twist. Also, for more advice on men’s fashion and style tips, be sure to check out the rest of our blog.