Perk’s T-Shirts and Men’s Casual Jeans: A Match Made in Heaven

Perk’s T-Shirts and Men’s Casual Jeans: A Match Made in Heaven

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If you struggle with choosing a great outfit each day, we want to remind you of a classic look that will never fail you: a t-shirt and jeans!

Perk Clothing’s 100% Pima cotton t-shirts are all great options to add to your wardrobe for perfect pairings with your favorite pairs of jeans. Below, we’ll highlight some of our bestselling t-shirts and share pointers for creating a great t-shirt and jeans outfit. 

Stay casual but cool with a t-shirt and jeans outfit

You have to make tons of decisions each day as a hardworking man–picking out the perfect outfit to wear on your day off or on a casual Friday shouldn’t be a difficult one!

When in doubt, you can always go for a classically cool option: the good old t-shirt and jeans outfit.

While opting for a t-shirt and jeans outfit may sound basic or uninspired to some, there are so many ways to keep this classic combo looking chic and stylish for all-day comfort and confidence–especially when you pair your jeans with a Perk Clothing t-shirt.

Perk Clothing t-shirts are made with one of the most comfortable fabrics around: they’re 100% Pima cotton. Not only does this make our shirts the most comfortable t-shirts for men your money can buy, but they’re also durable, which means you can wear them as often as you want for as long as you want! 

What’s more, these t-shirts are incredibly stylish and versatile, which is why, when paired with a pair of great-fitting jeans, they’re the perfect wardrobe staple to wear all week long no matter what the occasion is. 

Now, let’s dive into Perk Clothing’s top 3 t-shirts to choose from.

Low Key Pocket Tee

Introducing Perk Clothing’s super-casual Low Key Pocket Tee. 

This style is totally timeless, making it the perfect partner for a great pair of jeans. Not only does it look great, but it’s also flattering and comfortable. These t-shirts are all pre-washed and pre-shrunk, meaning they’ll fit you perfectly right from the get-go. And even after a few washes, they’ll be as soft and durable as ever!

For a casual but stylish off-duty look, pair this tee with some light wash jeans and white sneakers. 

Feel Good Crewneck Tee

The Feel Good Crewneck from Perk Clothing is one of the most comfortable, stylish t-shirts that can ever grace your wardrobe. 

While this t-shirt works great in casual settings, it’s also a nicer piece that can adapt to a range of semi-formal occasions. You can wear this t-shirt both in and out of the office–and it will especially shine in a men’s casual look with jeans. 

You’ll look completely cool and confident when you rock this 100% Pima cotton t-shirt with a dark pair of jeans, sunglasses, and black boots. This is a classic, cool look with which you can never go wrong!

For more outfit ideas, check out our blog on smart-casual style

Low Key Long Sleeve Tee

A t-shirt and jeans outfit doesn’t just have to mean a short-sleeved look! For days that are a little chillier but still call for a more casual outfit, Perk Clothing offers the Low Key Long Sleeve Tee.

This lightweight, long-sleeved t-shirt is perfect for layering during the colder months and even for UV protection when the sun is shining! It’s extremely versatile, which makes it a great wardrobe staple–and a great option for when you need a t-shirt to pair with your favorite jeans!

Just like all of Perk Clothing’s quality, stylish t-shirts, the Low Key Long Sleeve offers a perfect fit, maximum comfort, and durability. Wear it with a pair of great-fitting jeans and your nicest pair of boots for a look you can take from casual Friday to happy hour. 

The perfect pair of jeans

Since we’ve covered all of the great t-shirts you can find at Perk Clothing, now let’s go over how to find the perfect pair of jeans to go with them!

According to The Essential Man, a pair of men’s jeans should be “fitted, but not skin tight.” That means you shouldn’t need a belt to keep your jeans in place, but your jeans also shouldn’t be so tight that you can see a perfect outline of your legs.

Of course, there are many different styles and fits of jeans to choose from: skinny, tapered, straight, and boot cut are just a few. The perfect pair of jeans for you will come down to your personal preference and what makes you feel comfortable and confident–at the end of the day, the biggest benefit of looking good is feeling good, so always prioritize your own comfort!

Perk Clothing Has All Your Men’s Style Essentials

If you’re looking for your new favorite t-shirt, Perk Clothing is here to help! All of our t-shirts are made with quality, comfort, style, and versatility in mind.

You can wear our t-shirts every day, all day, whether you’re in the office or lounging at home; they’ll still maintain their great fit, and you’ll still feel as comfortable and confident as ever. Plus, when you pair them with your best jeans, there’s no denying that you’ll be the most stylish man in the room!