Style Your Slim Fit Trouser Pants - Everything You Need to Know

Style Your Slim Fit Trouser Pants - Everything You Need to Know

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Finding a fantastic pair of trousers is an amazing feeling for a man; when your pants are stylish and comfortable, your confidence skyrockets. But your trousers are just one part of an outfit–the way you choose to style them can make or break your look. 

Luckily, we’re here to help, guide you in the right direction. At Perk Clothing, we know fashion–and we offer the best clothing for men, including grey, khaki, and black trousers. Men’s fashion is our top priority, so we’re happy to lend a helping hand. 

Below, we’ll break down the importance of a quality pair of trousers, explain how to know when a pair is great for you, and, of course, share our best tips for styling your men’s slim trousers no matter the occasion. 


Why a great pair of men’s slim trousers is an essential part of your wardrobe

Hopefully, we don’t have to tell you why it’s important to wear trousers–that’s a given if you want to avoid arrest for public indecency! And we’re sure it’s safe to assume you have at least a few pairs of trousers to choose from.


But do you know how essential a quality selection of men’s slim trousers is to your style and comfort? You shouldn’t be walking around or showing up to the office in poorly designed, ill-fitting slacks. That’s why you should always take the time to choose a great pair of pants.


While what you wear on top may be the star of the show when it comes to style, a great pair of trousers is the piece that will bring your outfit together and keep you looking sharp. Although men’s slim trousers may not draw immediate attention, choosing a bad pair could make you a victim of a fashion faux-pas. 


That being said, styling your men’s slim fit trousers is easy with the tips we’ve outlined below–especially when you’re wearing Perk Clothing’s chinos. We think you’ll find that they’re the best trousers for men you can find. 

Choosing a quality pair of trousers

The first step to styling your trouser pants is finding the perfect pair. This comes down to seeking out options with the best quality, comfort, and fit.


Finding a pair of trousers that fits well will not only ensure you look great and put-together, but will also keep you feeling as comfortable as possible. The main thing to pay attention to is how the waistband fits; it shouldn’t be so tight that it feels restraining, but it also shouldn’t be loose enough to slide down your waist. The key is a snug, comfortable fit.

Perk Clothing offers tons of great options, including grey, blue, and black trousers. Men’s chinos from Perk are designed to fit perfectly, with slim tapered legs that are trim but not tight and a curved waist for maximum comfort. 

Dress your trousers up 

One great thing about a simple pair of trousers, like Perk Clothing’s men’s blue trousers, is that they’re extremely versatile. That means you have the ability to fit them into just about any outfit for any occasion.


When it comes to a semi-formal affair, a high quality pair of men’s slim trousers can easily be dressed up and have you looking sharp. For this occasion, a darker color like dark blue or black trousers will work best. Men’s pants from Perk, which come in ink blue and solid black, are the perfect shades. 

Pair your dark trousers with a simple, white dress shirt (or even a nice t-shirt if the event is on the casual side), a pair of dark leather dress shoes, and a blazer or sports coat to pull it all together with confidence and sophistication. Remember that accessories can also go a long way; a simple watch or subtle necklace can exude effortless style. 


Perk Clothing has all the shades of trousers you need for an array of semi-formal occasions. Our men’s blue trousers are simple but striking, ensuring that you’ll be the most stylish man in the room. Plus, these trousers are sure to bring comfort–so not only will you look your best, but you’ll feel your best, too.

Dress your trousers down

Got a casual outing on your agenda? No need to worry. A pair of Perk’s best trousers for men are still perfect for keeping things on the low-key side. 


Lighter-colored pants, like Perk’s light khaki chinos, are best for a more laid-back look. But remember that casual doesn’t have to mean less stylish! You can stay looking fashionable and confident with a white or blue button-up or a classic white t-shirt. 


A great pair of sneakers, like a crisp pair of Converse or your go-to white shoes, go great with chinos for a fresh but casual vibe. Add a subtle chain to pull the look together, and you’re good to go!

Looking for your next go-to pair of pants for casual Friday? Perk Clothing offers the best trousers for men on the market. Our chinos in smooth oak or light khaki will provide the perfect shade for all of your laid-back outfits–and, with a perfect fit, ultra-smooth feel, and stretchable fabric, they’re comfortable enough to wear all day.

Find your new favorite pair of trousers from Perk Clothing

If you’re looking for the best, most comfortable men’s trousers around, look no further than Perk Clothing’s Feel Good chinos. Our chinos are an essential piece for every fashion-forward man. They’re adaptable enough to dress down for casual Friday or look sharp for a stylish night out on the town.

Available in versatile colors like faded black, ink blue, light khaki, riverside blue, solid black, and smooth oak, our pants are not only extremely stylish, but also as comfortable as they come. Thanks to breathable fabric with an added stretch, slim tapered legs that provide a perfect fit that never bags out, and a light-fit feel, you’ll want to wear these pants all day, every day–and you’ll look great the whole time. 

No matter what you’re looking for–from high quality men’s white t-shirts to perfectly fitted men’s blue trousers–Perk Clothing has you covered for all of the wardrobe staples you can wear both in and out of the office.