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Summer Getaway Essentials: Packing the Perfect Chinos and Tees for Vacation

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Figuring out what to wear on vacation can be surprisingly tricky, especially depending on where you’re going. You have to balance casual with stylish and be ready for whatever activities you may have planned on your trip. If you’ve ever felt lost in this journey, you are not alone.

Luckily, we’re here to help you figure out what to bring with you on vacation—chinos and tees—and show you why those are the best options, no matter the vacation.

What and How to Pack

Before we start, let’s discuss what and how you should pack. For that, you need good clothes that are stylish and comfortable, especially if it’ll be hot where you’re going. But, we’ll cover those in-depth later.

What about the how? You might be a terminally light packer due to a fear of overpacking or overcrowding your suitcases. There are ways to circumvent this which you may need to know if you plan on having a wardrobe that will get the job done. Some packing tips are:

  • Ensure you bring the right clothes for your destination.
  • See if where you’re staying has laundry service.
  • Don’t pack items you won’t definitely need, even if you think you might need them “just in case.”
  • Bring multiple sets of shoes for different activities.
  • Use packing tools, like folding closets or packing cubes.
  • Create and follow a packing checklist.

Follow these rules when you’re packing, and you’ll have a much easier time packing the things you actually need.

Men’s Vacation Fashion

The key to vacation fashion for men is to know the kind of weather you’ll be dealing with and the activities you may have planned—or, at the least, the level of physical exertion you should expect. If you’re going on a hiking trip in Peru, you’ll dress very differently compared to a pub crawl across Britain.

We’re assuming that you’re going on a summer vacation somewhere warm. You need clothes you can move in, but not move too much. A good, casual wardrobe will suit you well. You want to feel comfortable, cool, and confident, so you need clothes that will enable that. Enter chinos and tees.

We recommend chinos and T-shirts for almost any vacation. This combination is perfect for practically all athleisure, casual, and even semi-professional environments. The chinos bring a level of stylish cleanliness, which can be modulated based on the colors and fits, while good T-shirts can look cool and casual and help you feel confident.


Chinos are the foundation of any well-crafted wardrobe for casual men’s fashion. Chino pants occupy a beautiful sweet spot between jeans and khakis; they’re more stylish than the former and far more comfortable than the latter. They combine the best aspects of both and make them better for their combination.

If you’re looking for casual pants for men, you need chinos. You can get them in colors ranging from khaki neutrals to rich burgundies and purples. Chinos are men’s summer essentials: they stay cool, feel comfortable, and make you feel as confident as ever.

The best chino pants on the market are Perk’s Feel Good Chinos. These are the best casual trousers for men, so if you are looking for some new—or your first—chinos, get these. They’re built to last with durable material, made with a comfortable, athleisure design, and fitted at each size to work on any body type. We made these with all kinds of men in mind, so no matter what your body type or size is, our chinos will work.

As far as colors and the like are concerned, be sure you’re thinking about your wardrobe holistically. You don’t necessarily need to have every day’s outfit preplanned (though you certainly could), but you should at least be thinking about which pieces will likely work with each other.

We wrote a whole guide on chinos for athleisure looks, so if you want an in-depth look at how to build outfits around chinos and ensure you’re ready for casual style and casual activity, check that article out.


On to the tops you’ll need. There are quite a few different types of T-shirts out there, but we’re going to focus on a few that you can use to modulate your outfits between athleisure and casual to semi-professional. These are plain tees, Henleys, and pocket tees.

Among these, there’s one golden rule: the best T-shirts for men are the ones that fit well and make you feel comfortable and confident. If we say Henleys are great but you can’t stand the buttons, then ignore us. Get some pocket tees instead. The beauty of T-shirts is their versatility.

Plain Tees

The plain tee is exactly what it sounds like: no graphics, no pockets, no buttons, just a blank, solid-color T-shirt that fits well and looks good. The last part is crucial; a blank, black T-shirt that fits you like a garbage bag is going to achieve the exact opposite of what we want. Remember the golden rule. We want tees that fit you well.

If you think that plain tees are bad because they lack designs or patterns, then you’ve never had a good plain tee. The simplicity of these shirts is where they excel. Because they lack distractions, they exist solely to accentuate you and your body, so if they fit well, they can make you feel comfortable and cool while looking confident and stylish. These are the quintessential men’s casual clothes.

If you need some new T-shirts, the best plain tee on the market is Perk’s Feel Good Tee. It’s durable, comfortable, and designed to fit well. Like our chinos, these are designed to look great, fit any body type true-to-size, and look better after every wash.


Henleys are long-sleeve shirts with buttons along the top allowing for some fashion—and temperature—choices, based on how many you leave unbuttoned. They’re essentially modular-weather long-sleeve shirts, and we recommend one or two for a good vacation wardrobe since they achieve a different look than your plain tee.

For your Henley needs, we recommend Perk’s Low Key Henley. It’s got properly fitted sleeves and a modern cut to make any body type look like the best body type.

Pocket Tees

Pocket tees are a slight variation of the plain tee in that they have, you guessed it, a front pocket. These are somewhat interchangeable with plain tees, so if you really like the timeless pocket look, then feel free to get quite a few of these. These are especially great if you have a wider chest since the pocket will accentuate your pecs.

We recommend Perk’s Low Key Pocket Tee. They come with all the same guarantees as our other products and look better after every wash. These are perfect for a casual look for men.\

Men’s Casual Fashion Tips

As you can probably tell, the golden rule of casual fashion for men is to wear clothes that fit you well, feel comfortable, and make you feel confident. Chinos and tees are a timeless combo that only get better with the years, so be sure to get yourself some.

If you want more fashion tips, be sure to check out the rest of our blog.