Men's Business Casual Style and Outfits

Ultimate Guide to Men's Business Casual Style and Outfits

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Your first instinct may be to say that business and casual menswear don’t belong together. After all, aren’t clothes suitable for the work day much different than those worn once the day is done? 

Business casual attire for men changes up that thought process and builds a bridge between ‘business’ and ‘casual’ to create an ultra-chic, stylish look for men that stays on trend even as years pass. When done right, men’s business casual style will have you looking professional and cool at the same time. 

The goal should always be to dress to impress. No longer are we stuck at home, wearing joggers on the bottom with a dress shirt on top, presentable only for Zoom calls. Instead, we (and millions of other men) are out in the world, making impressions and living life. To live life to the fullest, you’ve got to look your best - and that’s where men’s business casual outfits come in. 

At times, it can be tough to get men’s business casual style exactly right. Some may find themselves too far on the professional end of the spectrum, while others may find themselves a bit too relaxed. The key to serving these looks is to find a happy medium between professional and laid-back, and that’s what this article is here to help you do. 

By offering some of the tried-and-true staples of men’s business casual outfits, we hope to help you hone your business casual style and, in turn, see your confidence soar. 

Business Casual: The Basics

Understanding men’s business casual outfits involves being on-par with the basics. While there are no hard lines drawn for how to rock business casual, as a rule of thumb you should always remember that such style is simply a more relaxed version of your normal business attire. Of course, this will vary depending on your place of work, but it’s a good rule to come back to. 

Check out some of the basics of men’s business casual outfits to start building your wardrobe:

  • Oxford Shirts

  • If you’re looking for a flexible piece of clothing, look no further than the Oxford shirt. In crisp white or pale blue, it can increase the class of any outfit. It meshes well with almost all dress code, it’s sharp to look at, and comfortable to wear. 

  • Sport Coats

  • Sport coats are a safe route to take because they give off an air of professionalism while still remaining relaxed. Whether your sport coat is plain or patterned, it will add a bit of flair and style to your overall look. 

  • Chino Pants
  • Chino pants blend well with men’s business casual outfits and styles that are entirely professional - which is why they are something that your wardrobe can’t pass up. Coming in a variety of colors, you absolutely need chino pants to act as the foundation of your business casual wardrobe. 

  • Cotton Dress Pants 

  • What’s great about cotton dress pants is the fact that they work well during the warm months of the year. The material is breathable yet formal, which makes them a staple for men’s business casual style. To make sure your wardrobe stays versatile, you can invest in more than one color of cotton dress pants - with the most popular being navy and khaki. 

  • Striped Shirts 

  • You can’t create a diverse business casual wardrobe without a few striped shirts. These shirts give off a relaxed vibe, but they are still formal and professional enough for a work setting. If you find yourself drawn to patterns over solid colors, stripes are the way to go. 

  • Ties

  • Ties are very hard to get wrong. As long as you keep it simple with silk for business casual, ties are a great way to top off a laid-back, professional look. You could also go for a print, but steer clear of anything busy and instead lean into stripes or a medallion pattern. 

  • Shoes

  • Shoes, as the cherry on top of the outfit, have the potential to make or break your look. But the good news is that there are plenty of styles to choose from for business casual. In your wardrobe, keep a stock of oxfords, loafers, Chelsea boots, monk straps, derby shoes, and wingtips. 

    Finding Your Business Casual Style

    At Perk Clothing, we believe that someone’s style says a great deal about who they are. To give off the best first impression, it’s important to dress well and put across a professional, confident, and secure vibe in the workplace. 


    That much is easy to do with a closet full of great business casual looks. By taking advantage of these basics and building a strong foundation for your business casual outfits, you’ll master the style in no time - looking so good that your coworkers might just come to you for men’s business casual style advice.