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What to Wear for Christmas Party: Outfit Ideas for Men

Whether you qualify yourself as Father Christmas or something of a Scrooge, there’s no reason not to look amazing during the holiday season, and you can make that happen with men’s Christmas party wear. 

There are tons of reasons to show off your Christmas outfits for men. After all, this is the busiest time of year for many of us, time that we spend with family, friends, and coworkers alike. If there was ever a time to bust out your Christmas outfit ideas for men, it’s now. 

Some popular occasions include Christmas parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, outdoor activities, and more. Let us help you navigate them with fashion. 

Christmas Parties

Christmas parties are a highlight of the year. Once the cold weather rolls around, the invites will be rolling into your inbox! But what will you wear?! 

Whether your party is leaning towards the chic blazer end or the ugly sweater side of things, check out these suggestions. 

  • The Ugy Sweater

  • The ugly Christmas sweater is something that everyone knows and loves. This theme is great because it provides the parameters for how you should dress right in the title. To help your sweater stand out, wear it with a pair of black chinos from Perk or blue jeans. Or, if you’re feeling wild, wear a pair of corduroys in emerald or ruby. You’ll look like Santa’s most festive elf. 

  • Office Party

  • The office party isn’t something that you have to dread. This is where your classiest Christmas outfits for guys can come out to play. Knowing what to wear to your office Christmas party should be easy, since you already know the vibe of your office. If your place of work is business formal, a tux and black tie might be fitting for the evening. But if that’s not your company’s style, all you have to do is add some festive touches to your everyday business casual look. If you usually wear a blazer and a t-shirt, you can do the same thing - just trade out your regular blazer for a velvet one. Ultra festive! 

  • Casual Christmas Party

  • Men’s casual Christmas party outfits can be some of the most difficult to figure out - because you don’t want to be underdressed or overdressed. For a casual party, lean into winter staples like cable knit sweaters, dark chino pants, and suede chukkas. If you’re looking to get into the festive season, layer your sweater over a collared shirt with a holiday print, and pick a sweater that is in a festive color like red, green, or white.

    Outdoor Activities

    The Christmas season isn’t just for parties. It’s for having fun outside, too! Check out some Christmas outfits for men that are suited for the great outdoors. 

  • Christmas Fair

  • Outerwear is your golden ticket when it comes to the Christmas fair - but you’ve got to know what to get and how to wear it

    Make sure you’re wearing layers, especially if it’s windy outside. If it’s brisk and chilly, layer up with a flannel and a shacket, but if the snow is coming down, kick the bundling up a notch with a weather-resistant puffer jacket. That will keep you warm no matter what! 

    We don’t recommend chukkas if the ground is wet. Instead, opt for hiking boots to make sure your feet stay dry and warm. 

  • Christmas Tree Shopping

  • Shopping for a Christmas tree is a lifelong tradition for many families, and we want you to look good doing it! 

    Casual pants make sense for Christmas tree shopping, since you’ll be doing quite a bit of bending down and sawing. Sneakers or boots are the best choice for footwear, since they’ll have to stand up to wet earth, branches, and other such debris. If you wear something that has a little give to it, you'll be able to move around more easily. 

    Remember, layer first with a pima cotton top like those we sell at Perk. They wick moisture, so you can count on them to keep you dry and warm from the inside out. 

    Christmas Eve

    Christmas outfits for men are most important on Christmas Eve, as this is the time that many families get together and open gifts. If you’re hanging out at home, keep it classy with a collared shirt under a sweater. If you’re attending church service, shine your shoes and put on a structured winter coat. 

    Christmas Day

    Do Christmas outfits for guys count on Christmas day? They do, but we don’t think they should take precedence over soaking up quality time with your family. Enjoy the day, and choose the clothes that make you feel the most comfortable. 

    Merry Christmas, From Perk

    From all of us here at Perk, we’d like to wish you a merry Christmas. We hope you stay safe, have fun, and look great!