Thanks to your feedback, we're bringing continuous performance improvements and exciting new features to the Go-to Chinos.



Across the board updates to the fit. Our newest algorithm updates showed a small correlation with increased waist size and narrower thighs, accounting for improvements in our grading.

Improved color performance under strenuous washing conditions. We still recommend that you wash them alongside similar colors during the first wash.

Read the SGS fabric report: PDF.



The first release of the Twill Chinos under a small-batch, closed testing group. Final specifications include:

New Trims

  • Custom shank and brass zipper.
  • Custom printed inner trims.
  • Highly detailed pocket construction and stitching.

New Fabric

  • Brushed fabric for perfect softness.
  • Mercerized yarns for durability.
  • New optimized patterns with 27 sizes to choose from.
  • Various inseams to satisfy almost any height.

Strengthened Stitching

  • Seam Slippage at 1/4in.(B)
  • Out-side seam (lbf) 39.8 (F.R.)
  • In-side seam (lbf)36.0 (F.R.) 
  • Back rise seam (lbf) 39.8 (F.R.)
  • Crotch seam (lbf) 44.2 (S.T.B.)