Softest Tshirts
Softest Tshirts

7 Reasons Why Guys Are Switching to Perk T-shirts

Thousands of guys have switched their allegiance to Perk t-shirts. We dug a little deeper into why everyone loves the online-first "best fitting tee" brand and here's what we found:

Softest Tshirts

They set the bar on quality.

Perk t-shirts are made with the highest quality fabrics that are incredibly soft and comfortable.

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They work for the office and Friday nights.

Unlike other t-shirts with their giant logos and shiny non-work-appropriate fabrics, Perk's timeless and minimalist style means you don’t have to change into a new t-shirt when you leave the office.

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They fit after washing.

Perk has the only t-shirt designed to soften and fit after washing, with sizing algorhithms tailored around the cotton fiber's long term performance, keeping the fit consistent and the collars crisp. Genius!

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They’re one of the most loved t-shirts in the market.

With thousands of happy customers, it’s easy to understand why journalists are calling this “The Perfect Tee” and “The New Classic.”

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They're risk-free to purchase.

Perk's shipping is ridiculously fast and comes with free exchanges and hassle free returns. So, if you don’t like the tee, you can return it easily with no questions asked!

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They match well with your other stuff.

With 6 core colors to choose from, the only question you'll need to ask yourself is: which one should I buy first?

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Simply put, you'll look and feel amazing.

In a world of copycats, Perk stands out from the herd. With a timeless look and modern American spirit, it’s easy to understand why thousands of people have ditched the soulless department store brands of their younger years. Why not do the same?

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Want to get your hands on one?

Perk makes shipping super fast, easy and risk free. And Perk's customer service team, the “Happiness Team”, are always on hand to give you a read on the best shirts for your every day.

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"The constant problem I have is that I get lots of tees and wear them 2 or 3 times at most. They turn into rags. I bought a t-shirt on Perk and I've had it for a few months now; I've washed it multiple times and it still looks new. My girlfriend says I look great in it and I can wear this thing day and night. Moving forward, I'm only buying Perk t-shirts."

Daniel Bernhard
Founder of Pixelpay 

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"I’ve always bought Supima tees at department stores, but it turns out the name doesn’t really mean anything when the T-shirt isn't designed to wash well. I bought my Perk T-shirts and I’ve been wearing them for weeks now, and I’m happy to say that they are even softer than before. They fit perfectly and i’m looking forward to wearing them for a long time."

Jack D.
Repeat Customer