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Join Perk’s Convoy of Good

Get needy kids back to school

In fall 2020, two massive hurricanes swept through Honduras, damaging many schools in remote areas, and eliminating access to education for thousands of children.

We are calling the Perk community to join together to rebuild community schools and help village kids get back to learning. If we all give a little, we can do a lot! 

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How Convoy of Good started

At Perk, we come from 4 generations of apparel manufacturing in Honduras. Poverty and need is everywhere in Honduras. While we’ve always looked for ways to help individuals trapped in poverty, we longed to make a bigger impact.

Recently we helped to partially reopen the hurricane-damaged Presentación Centeno elementary school using donations from friends and family. It only took a small group of good-doers to provide the funds needed for supplies, and village parents shouldered the repair work.

Students are now returning to class for the first time in 2 years! With your help, Convoy of Good will restore the rest of the classrooms and kitchen, and donate new school uniforms for all 60 students.

Donate now

You can rebuild a school

Pool your resources with others in the Convoy to buy building materials

Watch the classrooms and kitchen come together with weekly photo updates

To give village kids an opportunity to escape the cycle of generational poverty


You can give a new uniform

Buy a school uniform made by fairly compensated factory workers in Honduras

“Your” uniform gives a child the opportunity to learn in good clothes that fit them well

Together we’ll clothe the whole school!


Can you really make a difference? YES!

With Convoy of Good every small gift makes a big impact:

Small projects requiring limited funds

Buy-in from the community that amplifies your gift

Rapid change you can see (we’ll send photos and video)

Lasting impact on every child at a restored school

Make a difference! Join the convoy. Be a good-doer.

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See how a little help can go a long way