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3 Amazing Looks for Men to Wear Jogger Outfits with a Cool Style

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Jogging outfits for men are much more versatile than you might think. At Perk, we know a thing or two about fashion - and while jogger outfits may not have counted as ‘fashion’ in years past, they sure do now. 

Wearing joggers is all about feeling comfortable while looking put together. There’s no reason that you should associate wearing a sweatpants outfit with being a slob, because we assure you that that is far from the case. There are tons of ways to make jogger outfits look cool no matter where you are - and we’re going to share three of those ways with you today. 

We understand that, while it’s possible, some guys have a hard time figuring out how to style jogger outfits. We promise that it’s not as hard as it might seem, and you’re probably overthinking it. Joggers, with their tapered ankles and side pockets, fit almost any body shape and type, and tend to mimic the silhouette of a good pair of jeans. 

Jogging outfits for men are a great way to feel attractive and look attractive. 

Joggers vs Track Pants - What’s the Difference? 

We’ll get into the style tips soon, but before we dive in we wanted to make clear the distinction between joggers and track pants - to avoid any potential confusion. While this article is all about singing the praises of joggers, we advise you to steer clear of track pants unless you want to look like you’re coming from the gym. 

Joggers are known for being less stretchy than track pants, and they also blend in with the crowd much more easily. They have a casual vibe that mirrors the aesthetic of jeans and chinos; you can get away with wearing them on the street without people wondering what race you’re headed off to. 

How to Style Joggers

Now, we’ll share our three favorite ways to style joggers so you don’t feel lost when you go to put them on. 

  • A Casual Look

  • The first look is simple, and it involves softy, comfy t-shirts. You really can’t go wrong with joggers and a t-shirt, because it doesn’t look slouchy and it doesn’t impede you from any sort of movement either. It’s more comfortable than jeans, and less business like than chinos or khakis. 

    You can create an awesome vibe by styling your black joggers outfit with a white t-shirt and a snapback, creating a neutral palette that will catch everyone’s eye. We have the perfect selection of soft and comfy t-shirts that you can wear every day right here at Perk, in a variety of neutral tones. 

    If it’s a little warmer outside, you could choose to pair your white joggers outfit with a dark colored tank top to welcome in a bit of the breeze. 

  • Business Casual 

  • We bet you probably never thought you could style a sweatpants outfit to work in the way of business casual. We’re here to prove you wrong. In a world full of blazers and starchy button-down shirts, you will be the one who sticks out (in a good way) with your black sweatpants outfit. 

    To spiffy your joggers up a little bit, ditch the soft, comfy t-shirt and find a relaxed button-down instead. Then, find a bomber jacket or a structured denim jacket - as blazers tend to be too formal of a choice for this look. Save them for dressier occasions! 

    On your feet, we recommend choosing a pair of classic sneakers or a pair of thick-soled lace-up boots. They give off the perfect relaxed-yet-classy vibe that you’re looking for. The right shirt and accessories are all that you need to dress up a pair of joggers!

  • Streetwear

  • We’ve gone over the look of joggers and a t-shirt and business casual, now it’s time to move onto streetwear. 

    It’s smart to stay with a solid pattern for joggers on the street. But, for example, if you want to style a green joggers outfit, you could pair it with a patterned shirt or one with a graphic. You could also pair it with metallic shades or something with a quilted material to add texture and depth. 

    Styling Your Joggers

    Joggers are the perfect blend of comfort and style. Wearing them, you can chill at home, stop by the office, or hit the streets - all the while looking stylish and feeling your best. 

    Remember, it takes some extra thought to create a joggers outfit and make it come together in the right way. But if you pair complementary colors, textures, shoes, and accessories, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go - and making other guys wish they knew how to style joggers as well as you do. 

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