Tips to Create a Stylish Look for the Tall and Skinny Men

Tips to Create a Stylish Look for the Tall and Skinny Men

We all know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side,” and it holds just as true for fashion as it does any other facet of life. 

If you’re a tall and skinny guy, it’s true that a lot of men wish they had your physique - but they don’t realize how hard it is to find fashion for skinny, tall guys. You probably find yourself wishing you had a body that was easier to dress, but we’re here to assure you that skinny guys' fashion is real, and it is possible to look good in the body that you have. 

As a slim guy, you have to think a little harder when it comes to your clothing, because a lot of what’s out there is geared towards guys on the short, stocky side, or men with average bodies. While you probably don’t have trouble finding your size, you might be worried about how clothes fit or how they make you look. In this article, we’ll share some outfits for skinny guys that will make you look and feel your best. 

Tips for Tall and Skinny Men

Every body shape men should know how to dress and style their unique physique. Style for skinny guys isn’t the same as what works for tall and bulky guys, or short and skinny guys. You’re in a category all your own, and we’re going to help you own it. 

Take these tips into consideration the next time you’re out shopping:

  • Steer clear of baggy clothes.

  • While baggy clothes might be comfortable, they should not be a staple of style for skinny guys. All they’re going to do is make you look frail, because you’ll get lost amidst all that fabric. 

    On the other hand, you should also avoid super-tight clothes. These will highlight your size, and that’s not what you want people to concentrate on. Instead, find a happy medium between too baggy and skintight. 

  • Try out some jackets.

  • Jackets are a great asset of skinny men outfits because they create a facade that is broader and bulkier. This is probably our favorite style tip for tall and skinny men, so don’t be afraid to load up on the jackets - no matter the season. From suit jackets to blazers to sport coats, there’s a jacket for every occasion. 

    These jackets go perfectly layered with one of Perk’s famous t-shirts. Our t-shirts are soft, comfortable, and made well - they’re the perfect staple when it comes to outfits for tall, skinny guys. They are the perfect t-shirts for skinny guys because they look great on any shape or size! 

  • Speaking of layers…

  • With every layer you add, you’re adding dimension to your body, and this will create the illusion of bulk. But here’s the thing - layering is a science. The last thing you want is to put on layer after layer of thick clothing. Instead, go from thin to thick. Start with a thin top, whether it’s long or short sleeved, and move up from there. 

  • Patterns are your friend. 

  • Patterns are great for skinny men outfits because they create interest for the eye and make your chest look larger. Medium and small patterns are the way to go for this tip, as they will accentuate your shape while remaining understated and classy. 

  • Stripes are a no-no.

  • All vertical stripes will do is make you look taller, and that’s the last thing that tall, skinny guys need. If you want a pattern, try checks or florals instead. If you really can’t stay away from stripes, do yourself a favor and lean towards horizontal instead. 

  • Choose the right fabric.

  • Outfits for skinny guys should be made of specific fabric. By using these fabrics, you’ll create more bulk on your frame: denim, corduroy, flannel, tweed, and thick knits. 

  • Wear a belt. 

  • Breaking up your look with a belt is a great tool for tall and skinny guys. Not only will it hold your pants up, but it’s a stylish, classy look as well. A belt with a pair of chinos is a staple for the office and out of it. Perk’s chinos fit tall and skinny guys perfectly, thanks to their timeless slim fit! 

  • Don’t wear low-rise pants. 

  • As a tall and skinny guy, your torso is long enough. Wearing low-rise pants will just make it seem longer. Wearing high- or medium-rise pants, no matter if they’re jeans, corduroys, or a stylish pair of chinos, will bring your look together in a much better way. 

    Choosing Looks That Work For You

    Everyone’s body is different, which means we all operate under different style rules. If you’re a tall and skinny guy struggling with how to make fashion work, follow these tips to help your wardrobe come to life. 

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