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7 Amazing Tips to Build a Men's Casual & Stylish Wardrobe

As a guy, the idea of creating a stylish wardrobe can be daunting. You might not be sure where to start, and when it comes to men’s fashion staples, you may feel lost. The good news is that there’s not much to creating a basic wardrobe full of essentials for men - and we’re here to help you get started on creating your very own men’s wardrobe that is both casual and stylish

Here are seven steps that you can follow in order to create the most stylish wardrobe possible - and one that suits your personality, too. 

  • Figure out the style you’re going for.

  • Style is a varied thing, and men’s fashion staples differ from one look to the next. Are you going for a sporty, edgy, classic, or hipster look? None of those things? All of those things? These are questions that you must ask yourself before crafting your stylish new wardrobe. 

    Of course, you don’t have to define yourself by a single style. You can shift your looks from day to day, or mix up the vibes without falling into any specific category. As long as the style makes sense to you, it works. 

  • Sort what you have. 

  • If you’re set on creating an entirely new men’s wardrobe, it’s likely that you have some articles in your closet that don’t belong there anymore. It’s time to go through those pieces and ditch what doesn’t fit your current look or body type. 

    It’s essential to try on everything you want to keep before allowing it back in your closet. Make sure it fits well, and if it doesn’t - get it tailored or donate it. 

  • Create a budget.

  • Unfortunately, a new stylish wardrobe won’t come out of thin air. You should know what you’re comfortable spending before hitting the shops, as this will help you figure out the places you should be browsing. 

  • Buy five button-down shirts and two pairs of dress pants. 

  • Now, we’re getting to the meat of things. Button-down shirts and dress pants are men’s wardrobe essentials - you can’t go without them. You never know when you may need them for a dressier event or a day at the office. 

    White and pale blue are great colors to choose for button-down shirts, along with small prints. These styles are versatile and go with almost any color of dress pants. 

    Speaking of pants - gray, black, khaki, or tan work great for dress pants. These colors are easy to match, just make sure they fit your body correctly. You can also choose chino pants, which are a bit less dressy but still professional - and they look great on everyone! 

    Picking articles with the goal of mixing and matching will make your life a lot easier. Keep everything you buy in mind as you continue to shop. 

  • Buy five solid-colored tee shirts and two solid-colored sweaters. 

  • Tee shirts are a basic wardrobe essential for men. Choosing colors like white, black, navy, gray, or olive will ensure that your tees match most anything in your closet. At Perk, we make tee shirt buying easy with our Feel Good Tees bundle - you can find everything you need there. 

    To round out your looks, make sure to find two solid-colored sweaters as well. A good sweater is the perfect asset for a stylish wardrobe, especially if you live in a place that experiences all four seasons. 

    Whether it’s tee shirts or chino pants that you’re in the market to buy, we offer kits for almost anything you can think of. This is great for guys who aren’t crazy about the shopping process, and the quality of our clothing is top-tier. 

  • Buy one or two pairs of casual shoes. 

  • Find shoes that aren’t only comfortable, but that will match your wardrobe as well. Black and brown are safe colors to buy in sneakers, boots, loafers, and oxfords. 

  • Buy a suit and one pair of dress shoes. 

  • Even if you live a casual lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with having a suit in your men’s wardrobe. Black, navy, or gray are smart colors for suits, and you can put on your dress pants and/or button-down shirts with this look as well. Don’t forget the dress shoes, as these tie the entire look together. 

    Crafting Your Look

    Creating a stylish wardrobe isn’t as hard as you may think. As long as you know what you’re looking for, the process can be fun and exciting - and after you’ve got your new wardrobe in place, you’ll feel like a brand new man. 

    At Perk, we know men’s clothing. From casual style to formalwear, we’ve got all the advice you need to help you look your best. To learn more about how to optimize your closet, check out our blog