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30s Men Style Guide: How to Dress in Your Early, Mid and Late 30’s

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A man in his twenties is still trying to figure out his place in the world, but a guy in his thirties knows more about who is and the image he wants to portray. Because that’s true for so many men out there, we think that men’s style in their 30s should reflect it. 

Of course, you may not have everything about men’s fashion in your 30s figured out, and that’s okay. That’s why Perk is here, to give you a leg-up on casual fashion advice and help you navigate any waters that you’re still unsure about. Your style will grow with you, so you can feel confident in who you are and the vibe you put across via men’s style in your 30s. 

Styling Tips for Guys in Their 30s

In their twenties, not many guys put much thought into what they wear. Many of them typically throw on the first thing they see in the morning, whether it’s dirty or clean. That lifestyle isn’t going to fly for a guy in his 30s. You’re grown up now, and it’s time to show a bit more class with how you dress. 

You might also have a bit more money to spare on your wardrobe than you did ten years ago, which is a major advantage. With this extra money, you can pick clothes that will last - not ones that you’ll have to throw out after a season due to their poor quality. 

For example, instead of a pack of tee shirts at the grocery store, you can opt for Perk’s tee bundle. Our tee shirts have no tags and no itch, with all the great looks. 

30s men’s fashion should also revolve around consistency. Instead of always trying new looks, choose timeless classics that have you feeling cool and looking chic whether you’re in a business meeting or a parent/teacher conference. Take chino pants, for example. They are a wardrobe staple that will not steer you wrong. 

Men’s casual fashion in their 30s shouldn’t be too casual - at least, when you’re not relaxing at home. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort, but increasing the formality of your casual wear is a good idea as you get older. Instead of loud colors and brash styles, you might gravitate towards simple tees and neutral pants that put across an air of maturity and intelligence. 

Have we mentioned how important it is for a guy to feel confident during this decade? That confidence stems from knowing yourself, meaning that men’s fashion in the 30s should depend on the brands that you know you like. 

We have the perfect solution - if you love something, you’re going to want a few copies of it, since you can’t do laundry every day. That’s why at Perk, we created kits, whether you’re a tee shirt guy or focused on chino pants, you can fill up your closet with what looks good. 

What To Avoid

We’ve gone over a few aspects of men’s style during the 30s that you should concentrate on, but there are also plenty of things to avoid. 

We always say that if you’re going to wear athleisure, you’ve got to do it right - and that means wearing it with purpose. If you’re not going to the gym or hanging out at home, it’s best to leave the baggy athletic shorts tucked in a drawer. Otherwise, you might look sloppy or like you’re trying to relive your college days. 

Another thing - avoid busy prints. Instead, consider interesting patterns. Designs like this make sure that your outfit is eye-catching, but not abrasive. 

Wardrobe Staples

There are certain articles of clothing that no man in his thirties should go without. Check out this list of wardrobe staples:

  • Casual Suit
        • This is the suit that you love. You can either wear it for a night out or to the office during the day. Usually, the best casual suits come in gray or blue. 
  • Sports Jacket
        • A sports jacket can pair with jeans and a tee shirt to help you look sharp while keeping you comfortable. 
  • Overcoat
        • For cold weather, you can’t go wrong with an overcoat. Go for sleek and structured instead of rigid and padded. 
  • Summertime Casual
        • In summer, you’ll want short-sleeved shirts that are both sharp and casual, along with lightweight pants - like the chinos we mentioned earlier. 
  • Dress Shoes
      • Sneakers are no longer an option for fancy events. Leather shoes or loafers are a much better choice for a guy in his thirties. 

    Dressing to Impress

    Whether you’re in your early, mid, or late thirties, you want to give the impression that you know what you’re doing with your life. You can do just that by following these style tips. Check out Perk’s blog for more advice on how to dress your best.