Simple and Easy Outfits Ideas for Men

Simple and Easy Outfits Ideas for Men - A Casual Style Guide

Whether you work somewhere with a casual dress code or just want to look cool as roam about town, knowing how to dress casually is a must. “Casual” is not a permission slip to look tacky or sloppy, no matter how much you love that band tee your girlfriend gave you. Wear it to your own backyard barbecue and step up your game away from home. 

Simple Outfits for Men 

The staples of a man’s wardrobe can be gloriously simple. It doesn’t take much to look good, and the first essential step is getting the correct size. Clothes that are too tight will be unflattering to any flaws, while too baggy clothes will make people think you’re hiding something even worse. You want to accentuate your figure without looking like you’re trying to pose for a magazine cover. Earth tones and simple colors like blue, gray, brown, black, and white. Not only are colors like these easier to mix and match, but they never go out of style. 


The darker the jeans, the dressier they will look. Yes, guys, you can wear your favorite comfy jeans but instantly look more stylish by choosing a darker wash. If they’re very dark, they may even create the subconscious impression that you’re wearing slacks. Attempt to circumvent a business casual dress code with this tactic at your own peril! 


A discussion of simple outfits for men isn’t complete until we cover chinos. While jeans are defined by the material (denim) and not the fit, Chinos come in only one style: a moderately tapered leg, mid-weight trouser. Perk offers quality Chinos with just the right amount of stretch – so you can stay comfy at home, at the bar, or in the office. Plus, unlike the limited color selection of jeans, Chinos let you show your personality with some more daring color choices. 

Plain, solid-colored tees

Yes, I know you love your graphic tees. And while they’re fine for around the house, they don’t exactly scream maturity. Ditch the ratty jeans, torn sneakers, and illegible band shirt for a solid color tee. And not just some boxy shirt that looks like a sack with holes cut in it, but a garment with a flattering fit. Fitted tee-shirts are a must-have for the confident man, and Perk has the high-quality, long-lasting, comfortable tees you need to stand out. 


When you’re trying to decipher simple outfits for men, let’s face it — you don’t pay much attention to your shoes. While shoe shopping is a woman’s beloved pastime, men don’t like to dwell on it. Well, that’s why you need to think more versatile! Clean white sneakers look snappy with jeans and a tee, while black sneakers can fool the eye into perceiving them more like dress shoes. But to really step up your game, try a pair of brown leather shoes. They can even be low-cut boots, but that smooth exterior will look more like dress shoes and take your outfit to the next level. 

Striped tees 

Stripes are either good or bad, but you'll always come out ahead if you go more toward pinstripes. Not only will it have a mentally slimming effect, but it can add just enough spice to your outfit to generate visual appeal. 

Polo shirts 

Casual doesn’t mean you can‘t have collars. Polos pair great with either jeans or Chinos, and add a touch of style that doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You can even wear a polo under a sweater for a more interesting, layered look. 


The ultimate in simple outfits for men. Wear them with jeans or Chinos, but leave the first button or two undone as a visual tease. Henleys are comfortable, classic, and just scream masculinity.  The Low-Key Henley from Perk is prewashed, preshrunk, and boasts fitted sleeves to show ‘em what you’ve got. Nothing says you’re comfortable in your own skin than wearing a Henley, so grab a few for your wardrobe!

Trendy Simple Outfits for Men

Following trends is something you shouldn’t undertake lightly. If you’re going to be a trendsetter, then you’ve got to be committed. Otherwise, you may hit the mark when you’re paying attention, but the ever-changing fashion world will leave you in the dust as soon as you look away. 

It’s okay to follow certain trends, but try to keep it small. If a specific color is in style, as long as it isn’t neon, mustard yellow, puke green, or ANY of the other colors from the 70s, feel free to try it. But the real secret to simple outfits for guys is being timeless. If you don’t chase trends, you’ll never look out-of-date. A button-up overcoat looks just as natural in 19th-century England as in America today. And you know how much women love classic men, right? 

Get Perk

Life is full of obstacles, but stylish men’s clothing shouldn’t be one of them. Perk’s tops and chinos are made of Pima cotton, which only gets after with age and never disappoints. Check out our selection and get the perfect simple outfits for men – effortlessly!