Seven Easy and Cool Casual Wear Outfit Style Tips for Men

Seven Easy and Cool Casual Wear Outfit Style Tips for Men

The last thing you want is for your wardrobe to get boring. There are plenty of ways that you can spice up your outfits, even casual wear clothes. And though these ways might seem simple, simple can go a long way. 

Casual outfits are the staple of the summer for many guys out there. You might think that casual clothes for men only pertain to what you wear after work, but casual work outfits can be a thing too - especially during the warmer months. 

Casual wear for men has been becoming more and more stylish as trends change, but there are always tactics that you can use to amp up your casual fashion style even further. Think of details, accessories, and ensembles, and you’ll be good to go for casual wear clothes. 

We crafted this article with one goal in mind: to help men all over the world hone their casual outfits. We want you to feel comfortable and look good while you do it, so here are some ways that you can add some pizzazz to your casual wear clothes. 

  • Ditch the socks. 

  • The last thing you need is socks holding you back. It’s too hot for them, anyway! This is a great way to switch up your look - and you can show off some skin by either rocking tapered pants or rolling up your hem a few times so it sits at or just above your ankle. 

    The best type of pants for this look are chinos, like those that Perk offers, and other slim styles, as they bring a contemporary feel to an otherwise classic look. 

    This bare-ankle style is also a great way to keep cool during the summer! 

  • Time to get a watch. 

  • While you might not need a watch in terms of function anymore (thanks, smartphones), you’ll have a hard time finding something that completes with their classy look. Adding a watch is a great way to bring your look together, and they have also been known for catching people’s attention. 

    If you’re not into watches, you can always accessorize with a non-functional bracelet. These are less chunky, lighter, and still grab attention in the same way. Just make sure they’re visible - you want to show them off to the world. 

  • Formal + casual. 

  • You’ve heard of business casual, now let us introduce you to formal/casual. If you pair a formal jacket or a coat over a casual outfit, you’ll be amazed at how sharp you look. You’ll be transformed from drab to fab. 

    You can also complete this equation in the opposite direction. Consider a casual jacket over formal gear to loosen up your look and go for a more chill vibe. 

  • Layers on layers on layers. 

  • You can’t go wrong with layering when it comes to casual wear clothes. Think of a sweater, jeans, and a white shirt underneath (like our Low Key Pocket Tee) - this makes for a classic, yet interesting, look that others around you will be itching to try. 

    You could also push your layers even further by putting a t-shirt under a shirt under a cardigan for multilayered fabulousness. 

    Not only is this a great look, it can also keep you warm when the days start to get chilly again. And if you find the temperatures warming up, all you have to do is take off a layer. It’s as simple as that. 

  • Roll it on up. 

  • Never underestimate the stylishness of sleeve rolling and casual outfits. All you have to do is unbutton the cuffs of your shirt, then use them as a guide for how wide your fold should be. You should end up with at least a few inches of your forearm visible - but don’t go above the elbow. With this simple trick, you can improve your whole look. 

  • Remember your accessories. 

  • You can define your entire aesthetic with a bold accessory, whether you choose a scarf, a hat, or something completely different. Put a spin on an otherwise simple outfit with an eye-catching accessory and make your whole look come to life. 

  • Choose an accent, any accent.

  • If you’re most comfortable wearing neutrals, we’ve got something for you too. You can choose an accent, AKA a pop of color, with a bag, colorful socks, or even a bright pocket square. Using something like this will make your outfit interesting, but not too flashy. 

    Your Casual Looks

    At Perk Clothing, we are your source for all things related to casual men’s fashion. Whether you’re hanging out in the backyard or headed out on a date, these tips will help you look and feel great. 

    Pick your favorite style tip and give it a whirl the next time you’re putting together a casual look. For more style tips, don’t forget to check out our blog