Stylish Looks to Wear a White Pocket T-shirt, Pocket T-shirt Styles

5 Stylish Looks to Wear a White Pocket T-shirt

What’s been the pinnacle of men’s fashion began back in the 40s and was brought to light by not only WWII soldiers, but by a number of other popular figures as well. 

It doesn’t get more American than men’s pocket t-shirts. From Marlon Brando in 1951 to Bruce Springsteen, these simple staples created a look that tons of guys wanted to emulate - back then and in the present day. 

The men’s pocket tee actually began as an undergarment. While it’s still worn under dress shirts to this day, it’s become much more versatile than a simple under-layer. When boys and men realized that these undershirts were much more comfortable than other options, they stopped wearing them for only work and play and started incorporating them into their everyday lives in other ways. 

Now, in modern times, men’s pocket t-shirts are some of the most popular garments worn by men and boys alike. They create a clean base for an outfit and go with almost anything. And they’re not just good-looking, they’re comfortable too. 

There are endless ways that you can style your white pocket t-shirt, but for the sake of brevity, we’ve compiled five of the best into this article. So, when you’re at a loss on how to stay comfortable and chic, refer back to this resource and we’ll help you out. 

A Classic Look

If you’re looking for something equally as classic as the white pocket t-shirt, look no further than chino pants - especially in khaki. Pairing these two pieces together is a timeless choice that may seem boring on the surface, but when you see it in action, it’s anything but dull. 

Not only is this look one for the ages, it’s also versatile. You can go from the office to the bar easily without feeling over or underdressed. 

To make sure that you look your best, make sure that your chino pants are slim and tapered to the ankle. To improve the look even further, cuff the bottoms and don’t be afraid to show a bit of your ankle. This makes for a modern look and a breezy, summer vibe. 

You can dress down this look with casual shoes or dress it up with something classy, it’s completely up to you. 

Going Modern

Tons of guys out there are looking for an alternative to blue denim, and we’ve got the perfect option - slim black jeans. Anyone can rock these pants, and they definitely give off a different mood than plain blue jeans. 

If you choose a pocket tee with a scoop neck, you can add even more to the urban feel of the look and create a fitting vibe for an evening out on the town. Pair this look with a pair of dark colored beat-up boots and a blue denim jacket for a rough-around-the-edges, rugged look that maintains its urban base. 

Wearing Americana 

Maybe you’re not someone who loves black jeans, and that’s okay. If you’d rather stick with another color, we’ve got options for you, too. Try out a white pocket tee with slim gray denim, pilot sunglasses, boots, and a chunky watch, and you’ve got a look all your own. It’s a little less purposefully fashionable, but it comes with all the classic Americana vibes that you could ask for. 

This look emphasizes the American history of the white pocket tee, and you can modernize this look by choosing a scoop neck instead of a V or crew neck t-shirt. 

Summer Vibes

There’s no better way to stay cool in the summer than by wearing white. While your layering options might be limited for the pocket tee during this season, there is still plenty that you can do. 

Try pairing the tee with linen-cotton shorts, and continue with the scoop neck style to make sure your look stays modern and sharp. By pairing this look with a watch and boat shoes, you can create a classic aesthetic that’s perfect for a day on the boat or date night on the boardwalk. 

Layering Up

Once again, we’re going to boost the look of the scoop neck with a layered look - only because the crew version of the pocket tee might have you looking like you just unbuttoned your work shirt and decided you were ready to go. The scoop neck makes the pocket tee seem purposeful, not chosen by default. 

Add a fitted denim shirt, canvas sneakers, and a classy watch to make the most out of your layers and get all that you can out of this look. 

Back to Basics

The men’s pocket tee shirt is a classic for a reason - it’s well-loved and it styles wonderfully with almost any look. To learn more about how to make the most out of your outfits, check out Perk’s blog