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Different T-Shirt Styles For Men to Wear On Summer Hot Days

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With summer quickly approaching, you may be thinking of ways to beat the heat while still looking cool. The best way to do it? Your favorite t-shirt, of course! There are a couple of different stylish men's t-shirts that would work well during the long summer days, and you can find them here at Perk Clothing.

To look your best and feel your best, you’ll want clothing that is breathable, durable, and stylish. We offer clothes that fit those criteria perfectly, like our 100% Pima cotton tee shirts that offer exceptional comfort and unmatched style.

For some help in deciding on the best outfits for you this summer season, let’s go over some of the different t-shirt styles for men, and how you can make them work with your clothing collection. By the end of this guide, hopefully, you’ll have an idea of how you can use your current clothing, and what you’ll need to add to your wardrobe.

Look And Feel Cool With A Pocket Tee

A simple pocket tee is one of the key summer t-shirts men should look to add to their collection. With the pocket adding just a little more style than a standard crewneck tee, having this as an option to pair with the rest of your wardrobe during the summer is a good way to keep your fashion fresh.

Not to mention, you’ll want some short sleeves and nice fabric to keep you from overheating in the summer sun. It pairs well with your favorite pair of shorts on those more active days out and about, and even works well with your favorite jeans and loafers on a breezy day by the water.

The Low Key Pocket Tee we offer here at Perk Clothing is 100% Pima cotton and features a specialized 4-way stretchable knit that allows you to feel free and flexible while looking great and feeling cool. With a fitted design to accentuate your build, and being prewashed and preshrunk, you will be ready to wear this t-shirt immediately and enjoy a nice day out.

Keep It Casual With A Crewneck Tee

Now a standard crew neck might be a simple clothing item, but it is appreciated when you are enjoying a hot summer day. The simple and reliable design makes this t-shirt style very hard to mess up, which means you can pair it with almost anything you have in your wardrobe (based on the colors you have available).

Grab a couple of crew neck tees in your favorite colors and pair them with your most comfortable, athletic shorts, cargo shorts, even jeans and/or chinos and you are ready to stay cool and fashionable on a summer day out.

Our selection of crew neck tees here at Perk Clothing comes in so many colors that it will be impossible for you to not find one that you love. With a curved hem that looks great untucked and a lightweight feel that is ready to wear after the first wash, our Feel Good Tee is sure to live up to its name.

Enjoy The Breeze And Summer Nights With A Henley Tee

We’ve covered how to stay cool in the hot summer sun, but there will be some summer days where you might be enjoying more of a breeze or feel the cool weather as the sun sets. For those times, it’s a good idea to have a long sleeve t-shirt in your collection to help you stay comfortable.

A men's Henley long sleeve tee is a great option that can help keep you warm when the weather cools a little, without making you too hot. On top of its practical properties, it is also a fashionable item that is versatile enough to be paired with any of the bottoms that you would have chosen for your other t-shirt styles. Additionally, you may have formal events or professional commitments that require you to dress up more while staying comfortable; Henley tees are a great way to achieve a comfortable business casual style.

The Low Key Henley tee here at Perk Clothing is an excellent option for any man looking to add a long sleeve to their clothing options. It has fitted sleeves to help show off your arms and is breathable and lightweight being made from 100% Pima cotton. With a stretchable design featuring metal buttons, no pilling fabric, and no tags, this Henley tee comes ready for you to enjoy.

Stay Comfortable This Summer With Tees From Perk Clothing

Being prepared for the summer weather means having the right clothes to take on the day. Perk Clothing has all the options needed for you to stay comfortable with any weather the summer may bring.

Whether you need short sleeve crewnecks and pocket tees to combat the summer sun or want a long sleeve Henley tee to help you stay warm during cool sunsets, you can find the perfect options here. We hope you have found some useful tips to guide your summer style, and that you can secure your next favorite t-shirt here at Perk Clothing!