Men's Stylish Clothes Ideas for This Easter

Need Some Men's Stylish Clothes Ideas for This Easter?

For Easter Sunday, you’ll want to make sure you are looking your best for family gatherings, outings with friends, and any other festivities that you will enjoy. However, you might be unsure how to put together the perfect outfit for this special day.

Here at Perk Clothing, we understand how to properly style men’s clothing to keep our customers looking their best, and so we’re here to offer some tips on putting together the most fashionable outfits for Easter. With our stylish men’s t-shirts and our equally trendy trousers, if you don’t already have the clothes to pull these outfits off, then consider browsing our selection.

Add some Henleys to your collection.

If you’re looking for a top that brings a look together, you must consider adding a men’s Henley long sleeve to your wardrobe. Henley t-shirts are a stylish long sleeve option that can work for various dress codes, from casual to formal.


The fashionable flexibility of a Henley t-shirt will come in handy when making easter plans, as you’ll be able to plan for any event without worrying about over or underdressing. Layering or removing clothing that you pair with a Henley tee is the key to maximizing the capabilities of this timeless t-shirt.

The Low Key Henley we offer at Perk Clothing is a crucial example of how this practical and fashionable clothing item is one of the basic t-shirt styles for men in their closets. Our Low Key Henley comes in multiple colors and is prewashed and preshrunk for a perfect fit as soon it ships. Pair that with fabric that only gets softer over time, and you’ve got a clothing item that you can expect to enjoy for many days ahead.

Chinos are a men’s must-have

Chinos are another men’s clothing staple that you will want in your wardrobe to make sure you are prepared to seize the day. If you have a khaki pair of pants in your collection, you probably already have a pair of chinos. Khakis are probably the most popular color of chino pants and have become a must-have for any man. However, khaki is not the only color that chinos come in, and by expanding your clothing options to include these colors, you can start pulling off some seriously fashionable outfits.

You should consider adding some grey or blue chinos to your Easter Sunday outfit to the mix. This opens up the possibilities for what you can pair with them. Your favorite pair of boots or sneakers that didn’t work well with your khakis may flow better with some grey chinos. Similarly, your favorite t-shirt that you haven’t gotten to work with your khaki pants might just have needed some different colored bottoms.

If you’re looking to add some chinos to your closet for Easter, then you won’t find a pair better than our own Feel Good Chinos at Perk Clothing. With a snug fit that isn’t too tight or restricting, you can rely on these pants to make you look and feel your best.

Master the smart casual style

Now with your clothing items picked out, it is important that you wear them appropriately. A crucial style that you can master to look your best for Easter (and any other time really) is the Smart Casual Style. You may not have heard of this “dress code” before, and it is a relatively newer term, but its guidelines for dressing are sure to help you put together a great outfit.

Smart Casual Style involves combining some formal elements of “business” style dress codes, with more casual clothing items. For example, a Smart Casual style may include clothing items like a blazer or even a jacket and tie, which is then dressed down with less formal trousers, sneakers or boots, a long sleeve or in the summer, t-shirts. Men who like to get the most mileage out of their businesswear will appreciate smart casual outfits.

Smart Casual Style is a great way to look more sophisticated and “dressed up” in a casual setting, without feeling too overdressed. For your smart casual look this easter, you should consider grabbing a pair of our Feel Good Chinos, pairing them with a Low Key Henley or Low Key Pocket Tee, and then layering on your favorite blazer. Complete the look with some clean sneakers or boots, and you have an excellent Smart Casua  l outfit.

Find your new favorite trousers and t-shirt at Perk Clothing

The right outfit can go a long way in improving how you feel about yourself, and even how you perform throughout the day. But to put the right outfit together, you need to have the right clothes for the job; items that are comfortable, stylish, and durable.


Perk Clothing is a key destination for online shopping for men looking for t-shirts and trousers that will be worth the most value for their money. With our t-shirts using 100% Pima cotton that is breathable and durable, and all of our designs made to fit well on any body, every man should look to Perk Clothing for the next key additions to their wardrobe.