Benefits of Online Shopping for Men and the Difference in Shopping Habits from Women

Benefits of Online Shopping for Men and the Difference in Shopping Habits from Women

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The ability to shop online is one of the greatest gifts digital technology has granted us. No matter what you need or how quickly you need it, it’s almost guaranteed that you can purchase it online. And, despite what some people may think, online shopping isn’t a predominantly female activity! Below, we’ll cover a few of the biggest benefits of online shopping for men and discuss how their shopping habits differ from the shopping habits of women. 

What are the benefits of online shopping for men?

Less time and effort, more comfort

You spend enough time out and about; there’s no need to make shopping one more thing that takes up your time and takes you away from the coziness of your own home.

Luckily, that’s where online shopping can be a life-saver for those seeking the best men’s fashion. T-shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories are all available at the click of a button, and the process is quick and pain-free.

Online shopping makes it easier than ever to enjoy the comfort of the couch while browsing a range of accessories and quality t-shirts. For men with busy work schedules, online shopping in the evening may even serve as a way to unwind after a long day. So sit back, relax, and keep an eye on the big game, all while making your next exciting purchase right on your phone or computer.

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More stock availability

Have you ever found the perfect t-shirt in a store and realized it’s not stocked in your size or not available in the color you want? Physical clothing stores tend to have more limited stocks than their online counterparts. 

Oftentimes, a store employee may tell you that the piece of clothing you’re looking for is available online and even offer to order it for you. That’s why you may be better off shopping online, to begin with; consider it a life hack for finding the most versatile range in options.

Perk Clothing offers a wide range of men’s fashion t-shirts in a variety of styles, fits, and colors, like our best-selling Feel Good Tee–it’s one of the softest t-shirts for men you’ll find anywhere. 

Easily explore new products

Just as the wide availability of stock online makes it easier to find the items you need in the right sizes and colors, an expansive online catalog gives you the opportunity to explore new products that you may not have found otherwise. 

For example, maybe you visit Perk’s website because you know we make the softest t-shirts for men, but did you know we also offer some of the best chino pants around? Shopping in online stores like ours allows you to easily uncover your new favorite products in a split second because they’re all right there in one, easy-to-navigate spot–no need to search the racks!

Privacy for discreet purchases

No matter how confident and carefree you are, there are some things that we’d all rather not be seen carrying around a store and bringing to the checkout counter. 

Online shopping eliminates this issue by allowing you to make purchases from the privacy of your own web browser. When you shop online, you can avoid the judgment of nosy customers and retail workers and even easily purchase surprise gifts without raising any suspicion. 

Easily send gifts

Speaking of gifts, gift-giving becomes a breeze with online shopping. 

For men with loved ones who live far away, holiday shopping can turn into a real hassle. Purchasing items in stores, packing them into boxes, and shipping them is no small task–and the shipping costs add up, too.

Luckily, when you do your holiday shopping online, you can cut out all that extra work and have gifts sent directly to loved ones. Sometimes online stores will even gift wrap orders for you. 

Perk Clothing allows you to easily give the gift of high-quality men’s fashion. T-shirts in a range of styles and stylish chino pants can easily be sent directly to your friends and family. 

Enhanced customer service

Let’s admit it: customer service in retail can often be a nightmare, especially in a crowded or understaffed store. Many online stores eliminate this issue by providing enhanced customer service through 24-hour phone lines, chat boxes, and more.

At Perk Clothing, not only do we sell quality t-shirts for men, but we also aim to provide the highest quality customer service, complete with a happiness guarantee: love our products or get your money back.

Easy price comparisons and deals

Shopping online is also the best way to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Not only do most online stores offer exclusive sales, deals, and discounts that you won’t find in stores, but the ease of shopping online also allows you to quickly make price comparisons.

Navigating between online stores to compare prices is as simple as switching tabs! There are even price comparison websites and apps to make the process as easy as possible. 

Stick with the brands you love no matter where you are

If you travel a lot or make a big move, you may be disappointed to find that you’re no longer within a reasonable distance of some of your favorite stores. When you shop online, though, that issue disappears! Thanks to the internet, all of your favorite designers and brands like Perk Clothing are always available at your fingertips–even from across the world. 

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Online shopping is one of the biggest perks of living in the 21st century, especially when you find a great online brand you can count on like Perk. We offer some of the best options in men’s fashion. T-shirt options on our website offer the range to cover all of your needs, from timeless staples like the Feel-Good Tee, one of the softest t-shirts for men money can buy; to handsome classics like the Low Key Henley, which is preshrunk and prewashed for guaranteed comfort in look and feel. Our quality t-shirts for men are made to be worn again and again, and they get even softer with each wash.

How do the shopping habits of men and women differ?

We’ve established the biggest benefits of online shopping for men, but how do their shopping habits differ from those of women? We’ll dive into some key differences.

1. Men are bigger spenders

Despite what stereotypes and the media may have led us to believe, statistics show that men spend more money online than women do. While women may make a higher number of purchases each year, men typically spend more money on each purchase. 

2. Men use more logic and do more research

Interestingly, men are also more direct and thoughtful with their buying habits; on average, men do thorough research, rather than making impulsive or frivolous purchases, as women do more often while online shopping. For men, it’s more need-based. 
That’s also why men tend to like more detailed descriptions of products; this allows them to make more informed decisions based on quality. They’re more likely to spend more time viewing details and pictures, while women tend to scan these elements. 

3. Email marketing and sales are more effective on women

While online shopping for men is based on need, women are more easily swayed by email marketing tactics and more likely to buy an item because it’s being sold at a discounted price: 34% of women make purchases based on sales, versus 28% of men. 
In fact, women are also more likely to follow brands on social media to keep an eye out for potential deals. One survey found that 71% of women follow brands for deals, compared to 18% of men. 

4. Men do more shopping from mobile devices

While women may be more plugged in to brands on social media, men are more likely to complete purchases from their smartphones: a survey found that 45% of men completed their last purchase via mobile device, compared to 34% of women. Men are also more likely to buy digital content and scan QR codes. 
In short, the biggest takeaway is that while women may shop online more frequently, men are the ones who end up spending the most money online, and their purchases are more thought-out and based on quality.
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At Perk Clothing, we know men care about quality. That’s why we sell only the highest quality t-shirts for men. From our pocket tee to our henley, we offer men’s fashion t-shirts for every occasion. And don’t worry, you can go ahead and do your research! You’ll find not only that we make the softest t-shirts for men, but that they’re also made with high-quality materials for maximum comfort that will survive wear after wear.