Feel Confident in These Best T-Shirt Looks for Different Occasions

Feel Confident in These Best T-Shirt Looks for Different Occasions

What’s the most versatile piece of clothing a man can have in his wardrobe? We’d like to make an argument for classic, go-to cotton tee shirts. Men’s fashion is easy to master when you have a collection of great, comfortable t-shirts. That’s because they can serve as the background for a nearly endless range of stylish outfits. 

At Perk Clothing, we offer the softest t-shirts for men around, and we believe that a great t-shirt is a must-have staple for every man’s wardrobe. Below, we’ll share a few tips for incorporating our fitted men’s t-shirts into stylish looks you can feel confident in for just about any occasion.

Dress it up

Need an outfit for the office holiday party? Hosting a stylish summer soiree? Making an appearance at a semi-formal event? T-shirts may have a reputation of being as casual as it gets, but it turns out you can actually dress up fitted men’s t-shirts for an array of different occasions.

The key is to grab a pair of nicer trousers (dress pants for the more formal events, or chinos will work if you can get away with something a bit more casual) along with a stylish blazer, sportscoat, or overcoat, and dress shoes. From there, all you need is one of your best white t-shirts. For men who prioritize comfort and style, this is a look that won’t fail you. 

Feel Good Tees

Tucking fitted men’s t-shirts into a pair of nice pants and throwing a sleek blazer over the ensemble creates an elevated look that exudes effortless sophistication; it’s everything you need to be the most confident, stylish, and comfortable man in the room.

Maximize your style and comfort with Perk Clothing’s softest t-shirts for men. Our Low Key Long Sleeve is your perfect staple for keeping warm and looking cool in any situation. These long-sleeved men’s cotton t-shirts provide UV protection in the summer and additional warmth during the colder months, so they’re not only versatile enough to be worn with just about any outfit, but you can be comfortable in them year-round, too. 

Casual Friday

When casual Friday rolls around at the office, you’ll still want to make sure you’re looking stylish. That’s where the effortlessness and timelessness of the perfect fitted t-shirt come in.

“Casual” doesn’t mean tasteless! Show your colleagues you can be fashionable all week long by pairing a simple t-shirt with a pair of jeans or chinos, your favorite pair of white sneakers, and a pullover sweater to bring the look together with maximum comfort. 

Best t-shirts

It’s an easy, casual look you can still feel stylish and comfortable wearing, and it’s not complete without one of our Feel Good Tees. These fitted men’s t-shirts are made with a curved hem that looks great even untucked, a tailored mid-section to prevent the dreaded boxy fit, and ultra-comfy Prima cotton you can wear all day. 

Stylish night out

All work and no play is no way to live–and luckily, our fitted men’s t-shirts are versatile enough to handle both situations. When it’s time to hit the town on the weekends, a great t-shirt is a central ingredient to the perfect outfit.

Whether you’re making the most of happy hour with your colleagues or joining friends for some casual weekend drinks, the right t-shirt is crucial. Pair it with chinos and Chelsea boots to dress your tee up, or go with black jeans, sneakers, and a denim jacket for a casual-cool look that works in nearly any setting.

Softest Tshirts

Perk Clothing sells the softest t-shirts for men, like our best-selling Feel Good Tee, made of 100% Peruvian prima cotton. Perfectly fitted to ensure you look great and as comfortable as they come, none of your night-out looks will be complete without one of these shirts. 

Comfy work-from-home 

If you work remotely or in a hybrid office, you’re probably used to spending a lot of time at home, which means no dress code and maximum comfort–but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay both stylish and cozy for all of those Zoom meetings!

Bring your top-notch style to the comfort of the couch with a cozy, fitted henley. Henleys are the perfect wardrobe staple for keeping things casual while also remaining put-together and on-trend with a timeless look. These fitted men’s t-shirts can be paired with jeans for a classic, effortless outfit–or, honestly, if you’re really not planning on leaving the house, why not go all the way with your comfiest sweatpants?

Perk clothing

Our Low Key Henley is exactly what you need for lounging around and working from home–plus, it can easily be elevated for the office or a trip into town. These henleys are some of our softest t-shirts for men, and they’re made to get even softer with each wear and wash. What’s more, the fitted sleeves and modern cut make them a flattering choice for any occasion. 

Everyday style

No matter how you style it, where you wear it, and whether you dress it up or dress it down, you simply can’t go wrong with high-quality cotton tee shirts. Men’s closets simply aren’t complete without a classic white t-shirt; that’s why when it’s time to construct a go-to outfit, you should reach for one of your best white t-shirts. 

For men, picking out a stylish outfit can be a huge task in the morning, but there’s no need to agonize over what to wear when you have a selection of great-fitting t-shirts on your side. Pair fitted men’s t-shirts in black or white with a pair of jeans or some classic chinos, throw on a pair of your favorite shoes, and you’re good to go! Consider this your signature look: simple, stylish, and carefree.

pocket tees

At Perk Clothing, we offer the best white t-shirts for men that your money can buy. Our Low Key Pocket Tee is exactly what you need to complete any outfit, whether you’re staying in, getting smart-casual for the office, or hitting the town. You’ll want to wear it over and over again–which is no problem, because these shirts only get softer with time, all while retaining their flattering, form-fitting shape. That’s why they’re the best white t-shirts for men looking for high-quality, versatile wardrobe staples. 

Find all your wardrobe essentials with Perk Clothing

Perk clothing

As you can see, a world of outfit possibilities is made possible thanks to simple cotton tee shirts. Men’s fashion simply wouldn’t be the same without this classic wardrobe staple. So next time you think you need a new outfit for an event, your solution may be as simple as pulling out one of your best white t-shirts. For men who want the best, most comfortable t-shirts around, Perk Clothing has what you need.

At Perk, we sell only the highest quality, softest t-shirts for men. Our fitted men’s t-shirts range from short-sleeved pocket tees to long-sleeved henleys–and the best part is that they’re all made to be worn again and again, so you can have confidence in the fact that they’ll keep their fitted shape and always keep you looking stylish. That’s why you can trust us for all of your wardrobe essentials.