5 Types of Long Sleeve T-Shirts All Men Should Have in Their Collection

5 Types of Long Sleeve T-Shirts All Men Should Have in Their Collection

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When choosing clothes for your wardrobe, you need to pick items that can offer both comfort and style, while being able to fit into many different outfits. For this reason, every man should have some long sleeve t-shirts in their collection.

Specifically, there are 5 common kinds of long sleeve t-shirts for men to consider that work well in every wardrobe, and today we’re going to break them down for you.

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White Long Sleeve T-Shirt

A white long sleeve t-shirt is an incredibly simple item of clothing. Yet, it is perhaps the most important piece to add to your collection. The classic casual combo of a plain white tee and jeans works excellently with a long sleeve tee as well. If you want to explore just how well they pair together, give our piece on Perk’s T-Shirts and Jeans a read.

If you want a long sleeve t-shirt that is reliable, comfortable, and stylish, then you should check out the Low Key Long Sleeve that we offer here at Perk Clothing. Prewashed and preshrunk, with fitted sleeves and a lightweight design that retains its shape after many washes, our Low Key Long Sleeve is a great option to add to your collection.

Long Sleeve Pocket Tee

Another long sleeve t-shirt option is a long sleeve pocket tee. This is a design that is already popular in the short sleeve variety, and it works just as well with long sleeves.

A pocket long sleeve t-shirt goes well with a simple pair of jeans and sneakers. The pocket can add a bit of ruggedness to your casual look, so if you’re looking for that extra bit of style over the plain long-sleeve tee, then a long sleeve pocket tee could be a great choice for you.

Also, don’t assume they only work with jeans! Pairing your long sleeve tee with chinos is another great style choice and can add a bit more formality to your casual look. You can check out our Chino selection and find the color option that fits the best with your style.

Long Sleeve V Neck T-Shirt

One option that may offer just a bit more style to a simple casual look is a long sleeve V-neck t-shirt. V-necks can seem over the top for men who want simpler fashion choices, but this style is a nice way to mix up your wardrobe without being too eccentric.

A V-neck long sleeve t-shirt is great for emphasizing some muscle tone or even just adding a bit of flair to your outfit that may seem too plain. If you haven’t already, try on one with your favorite pair of jeans and see if you can get a feel for the design.

If you are unsure about this style choice and maybe want to explore some other options, check out our other advice on how to level up your style just in time for Spring.

Long Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt

We mentioned how crucial a simple plain white long sleeve t-shirt is for any man’s wardrobe, but you shouldn’t forget to add some personality to your clothing options. Long sleeve graphic tees are a great way to show off some personal touches while keeping your outfit casual.

Sometimes, it’s easier to have a selection of neutral color t-shirts and jeans or pants, and then pair them up according to your needs. But upping your style doesn’t necessarily need to take a lot of effort, nor significantly lighten your wallet. A long sleeve graphic tee can be a quick fix for any man looking to expand their wardrobe.

Long sleeve graphic tees with your favorite band or other music groups, TV show, or even comic characters can be a great way to make your outfit stand out!

Long Sleeve Henley T-Shirt

The last essential t-shirt we’ll cover today is the long sleeve Henley t-shirt. A Henley t-shirt adds a couple of buttons with no collar, and while this addition may seem superficial, it’s the small details that really add another dimension of style to your look.

A Henley style t-shirt is a vintage look that has retained its popularity into modern times, and has become a staple among the various styles of long sleeve t-shirts. Men looking to add a bit of classic ruggedness to their style can look towards a long sleeve Henley tee as an excellent addition to their wardrobe.

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Perk Clothing Can Satisfy Your Long Sleeve T-Shirt Needs

When making picks for your clothing collection, you want to get the most value for your money. This means choosing clothes that are comfortable, practical, and sturdy enough to last. In terms of essential pieces for rounding out your wardrobe, long sleeve t-shirts are a simple yet versatile addition.

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