Some Cool Outfit Ideas for Holidays

Some Cool Outfit Ideas for Holidays

There’s lots of good reason to get dressed up, but some occasions are bigger than others. These include events like professional business meetings, company trips, and holidays. Some people might think that appropriate men’s holiday clothes are expensive suits and formalwear, but there are many ways to create stylish holiday outfits for men.

Today, we’ll explore a few different outfit ideas that men can use for their own holiday style!

Casual Style Outfits

The images many people may get when they think of the holidays is of family gatherings and office parties, with nice sweaters, dress shirts, suits, and lots of formality. While these are great clothing options, there are many more ideas men can explore, especially since a lot of these items won’t quite cut it as men’s summer holiday clothes.

There are plenty of stylish casual outfit ideas that men can rely on to look good and feel good during the hotter holiday season.

Business Casual

One classic style worth checking it out (and one you’ve probably already heard of) is business casual. Business casual is a great option when you want to combine some formal elements of business attire with the more comfortable style of casual outfits.

When putting together a business casual look, essential clothing items to have are a blazer or sports coat, a quality t-shirt (our Low Key Pocket Tees,  Long Sleeves, and Curved Hem T-Shirts are all great options), a nice pair of chinos, and at least one pair of dress sneakers.

With an outfit like this, you combine a more formal coat or blazer with the casual options of a shirt and sneakers. With the semi-formal style of the chinos to tie it all together, this is a great business casual outfit idea to rely on for any holiday parties or functions.

Smart Casual

Smart casual style is a more avant-garde style—but is an increasingly popular choice for men’s outfits. Men’s smart holiday outfits are incredibly easy to pull off, letting you enjoy your champagne toasts in comfort all season long! 

The key to making a smart casual outfit is to think less dress-down and more, well—dress smart!. While you can still layer on a blazer or sports coat, you can introduce comfort by setting a base layer of a long sleeve tee or a simple t-shirt. A curved hem t-shirt, like the ones we offer here at Perk Clothing, is a comfortable and fashionable way to bring together a smart casual outfit.

A white curved hem t-shirt, khaki chinos and tasteful leather loafers marry beautiful to create a classic smart casual outfit sure to make you look and feel your best. Add on some of your favorite accessories like a chain necklace or watch, and you can own this style.

Formal Style Outfits

While we all love a good t-shirt, there are times when its best to keep this layer under your button-up! From late-night office parties to perhaps asking a special question under the mistletoe, some occasions call for something more elevated! 

There are a couple of different takes on formalwear that you should consider when deciding on your holiday wardrobe.

Festive/Cocktail Attire

You may have heard it called “festive” or “cocktail party” attire, but these flashy looks lay the groundwork for men’s holiday party attire.

For this type of style, you can rely on all your dress clothes staples: sports coat, dress shirts and ties (and a vest if that is your preference), dress pants, and your most spotless pair of dress shoes. A smart-cut suit is always standard and always fashionable, although if the dress pants are not to your liking, you could get away with a solid pair of black chinos.


If your holiday events are calling for a semi-formal dress code, then you have some freedom to work around the rules of formalwear. There’s no need to panic over men’s holiday party attire: You don’t have to rely on matching the color of every piece of your clothing, and you can settle on more comfortable options that will still set you apart from the crowd.

Chinos are just dressy enough to work in a semi-formal setting, while also being versatile enough to flex into casual attire. That’s why they’re such an essential piece for any man’s wardrobe; You can also swap out dress shoes for boots or loafers and add in accessories like necklaces that might have taken away from your more formal outfits.

Grab what you need for your holiday outfits at Perk Clothing

Whether you are looking to pull off a casual style or want to find some clothing items to tie together a more formal outfit, you can find pieces for many different outfit ideas at Perk Clothing.

Our inventory includes high-quality t-shirts, long sleeves, and chinos that every man should look to add to their wardrobe. Browse our selection for comfortable and durable finds that will make you feel as good as you look.