Top 5 Stunning Summer Looks for an Office Party

Top 5 Stunning Summer Looks for an Office Party

As working adults, we no longer get to look forward to a few months of summer break every year. However, there are still a lot of other things to look forward to, including warm weather, more sunlight, beach vacations, and summer parties!

You may find yourself mingling with your coworkers over summer cocktails at an office party or two over the next few months. To show off your style and make the best impression among your colleagues, choosing the right outfit is crucial. 80% of managers say workplace attire affects promotions–and while you may be off the clock at a party, you still want to look your best!

That’s why we’re sharing some of the best options for office party looks below. 

Classic white tee and slim-fit chino pants

When it comes to the best pants to fit into all of your summer office party looks, there’s no better option than men’s slim-fit chinos like the kind we offer at Perk Clothing. These pants are casual and comfortable enough to enjoy yourself in while you sit back and relax, but they’re also stylish and chic enough to wear while you mingle with your coworkers. 

For the most timeless option, pair Perk’s slim-fit chinos with a classic white Pima cotton t-shirt, such as the Feel Good Tee. 

Stay cool in slim-fit chino pants and a button-up

In addition to pairing Perk’s slim-fit chinos with a simple t-shirt, another great option for summer office party looks is opting for a casual but cool button-up. You may even want to shake things up with a patterned button-up in plaid–or, to really stand out, opt for a more daring floral or paisley. 

For a more casual look, try khaki slim-fit chino pants with this out; for nicer occasions, black is always a perfect choice. No matter how you style this outfit, it’s a fool-proof option for an office party!

Make the most of a blazer

When things enter semi-formal territory, a blazer or sportcoat is key to office party looks that will make you the best-dressed man at the event! The right blazer can immediately elevate even the most casual looks.

Throw a blazer over our Feel Good Pima cotton t-shirts for a summer office party outfit that will never lead you astray. Whether you’re wearing it with your nicest pair of slim-fit chino pants or adding a more casual element to the mix with a pair of jeans, you’ll exude confidence and effortless style. 

For an added touch of luxury, show off your favorite watch alongside a blazer, and you’re all set!

Break out the long-sleeved t-shirt

When the temperature dips on those cool summer nights, you can count on long-sleeved Pima cotton t-shirts from Perk Clothing for endless office party looks. These are perfect for providing you with a little extra warmth to get through the evening with maximum comfort!

But this isn’t just a practical decision for staying comfortable; these t-shirts are also highly flattering. The long sleeves accentuate your muscles and the stylish straight hem is as classic as it comes.

Pair this comfortable, stylish shirt with your favorite slim-fit chino pants, a pair of leather loafers, and a belt for an unbeatable office party look. 

Comfy henley with a sleek jacket

For the perfect juxtaposition of casual and chic, wearing a henley under a blazer is one of the best summer office party looks. You’ll be more comfortable than ever, but you’ll also look stylish and confident!

This is especially true when you choose Perk Clothing’s Low Key Henley to complete this look. Our henleys are high-quality, flattering, and totally comfortable. The fitted sleeves will flatter your muscles for years to come; this shirt retains its shape wash after wash, and it only gets softer along the way! 

For more Henley styling tips, take a look at our blog post on the matter!

Find everything you need with Perk Clothing

Whether you’re working in the office, hitting happy hour, or enjoying a fun office party with your coworkers this summer, how you dress matters. At Perk Clothing we know the importance of making a good impression–which is why we offer the most stylish, high-quality men’s wardrobe staples on the market. 

For everything from a classic t-shirt to a perfect pair of chinos, you can count on Perk Clothing for essentials that you’ll look and feel great in. Take a look at our shop for the proof!