Slim-fit chinos

7 Types of Chino Pants to Elevate Your Style

Every man should have at least one pair of chino pants in their collection. chinos are stylish, comfortable and pair well with many outfits where jeans, dress pants, or shorts fall, well… short! chinos are a versatile style with many colors, fits, and fabrics to choose from—making them one item you can never have too many of! 

Today we’re going to discuss 7 different types of chino pants to boost your style to the next level. 

Slim-Fit Chinos

If you’re looking to strike a flattering silhouette, you should seriously invest in slim-fit chinos. Color and material are important features when choosing your clothing, but how they fit might be the most important visual aspect! Slim-fit chinos make for ultra-clean lines and a dashing figure. 

When deciding on the right pair of chinos to add to your collection, these are some of the best chino pants for men. Like the Feel Good Chinos found at Perk, slim-fit chinos fit great and mold to your body without the restrictive discomfort of skinny jeans. 

Khaki Chinos

After you have chosen your ideal fit chinos, fabric and color should be your next consideration. Khaki chinos are the “OG '' when it comes to chinos; in fact when people mention “khakis” these are often the pants they are referring to. They are very versatile and lay the perfect base for everything from casual to formal outfits. 

While every man can benefit from a pair of khaki chinos, men who like to wear leather loafers, navy colors, and even white and other neutrals may get the most use out of khaki chinos. Not to mention, you can look to grab light khaki and/or dark khaki chinos to add some depth to your wardrobe.

Black Chinos

There is probably not a more sophisticated option of chinos for men than black chinos. Men who want comfort and formality in their fashion will appreciate black chino pants the most. Black chino pants essentially offer the visual appeal of black dress pants, with the comfort and flexibility of chinos.

If you have a lot of looks that can easily transform from semi-formal to casual, like blazers layered over long sleeves or tees, then grabbing a pair of black chinos for your pants can offer you the flexibility to switch up your looks as needed.

Green Chinos

A bit more uncommon, green chinos are another color that can really add some unique flair to your outfits. Perfect for breezy spring or summer looks, green chinos can add some “pop” to an otherwise plain outfit. While outfits incorporating this look may call for a more  particular touch, the payoff will be clear when the influx of compliments follows! 

If you are a fan of neutrals and want to achieve a sense of casual sophistication, green chino pants are a great option to add to your collection.

Plaid Chinos

Another more eccentric style choice, plaid chinos are an option for men who want to add more unique looks and “smart casual” styles to their fashion choices. Plaid chinos with a tucked-in button-up or paired with a crew neck over a collared shirt add a sharp edge to any look. 

These say “alumni-chic” and “golf-ready” at once—making you the life of any brunch party. 

Grey Chinos

For a more subdued but no-less-stylish look, grey chinos offer a lot of options. From light to dark shades, this style lends itself to sophistication without severity. 

You might prefer lighter greys for more casual outfits; pairing white sneakers with a long sleeve white Henley tee, makes for a fresh Spring look. Dark grey chinos have their place in casualwear, but a semi-formal outfit featuring dark grey chinos and turtleneck layered with a blazer is an incredibly strong look.

Blue Chinos

If you’re looking for another color of pants that can work well in many different levels of formality, then blue chinos are the right choice for you. Here at Perk Clothing, we offer two different shades, and both are strong choices for men who have casual, semi-formal, and formal obligations.

While blue is a color that offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to pairings, some options will always work well with either dark or light blue chinos. Picking lighter colors, like whites, greys, and creams to pair with dark blue chinos will make for an appealing outfit. Lighter blue chinos also work well with lighter colors, but here you can look to pair them with dark blues and navy for a classier look.


Chinos are an essential clothing item that every man should have in their wardrobe. Slim-fit chinos in a variety of colors can work in outfits in any season or event and provide you with style and comfort.

Explore our collection of men’s chino pants here at Perk Clothing and find your next perfect outfit today.