white t-shirts for men

Some Cool Ways to Wear Your Favorite Basic White T-Shirt

When it comes to “cool,” no staple is quite as classic as the white t-shirt. Men’s wardrobes should have at least one, but most likely you’ll have a few white t-shirts you come to love. It’s a clean, timeless, and reliable fashionable look. But even if it hasn’t let you down so far, you may want to find other ways to get the most out of your favorite white t-shirt.

There are more than a few ways to look sharp in your favorite white t-shirt—and more than a few options for new t-shirts in our selection, like a white long-sleeve Henley tee or a white t-shirt with pockets. Read on for stylish tips that don’t skimp on comfort. 

What Type Of White T-Shirt Do You Have?

There are many different types of white t-shirts for men, and some may work better with certain styles than others. We recommend at least a white long sleeve t-shirt and a white short sleeve t-shirt for every man’s wardrobe, but you can add more than that if they work for you.

Keep It Simple With Some Jeans

One of the strongest looks that you can pull off with your white tee?  Go fot the “OG” look and pair it with a jeans and sneakers. Whether you have light or dark blue denim, any pair of jeans looks great with a clean white t-shirt. If you have more denim colors in your wardrobe, then those could work as well. Gray denim and even red or black denim are more eccentric but still reasonable options to pair with your white shirt.

A white pair of sneakers is probably your strongest shoe option, but a casual boot could work well in the right weather, and loafers are always a nice choice as well. If you want to make your look just a bit more fashionable, you can also accessorize with a simple chain necklace and a nice watch.

Add Some Sophistication For A Business Casual Look

Business casual is a style that all professional working men should master. Business casual allows you to combine the formal elements of business dress code, with more casual clothing items for a look that can work in a professional setting during work and out on the town after work.

The key to pulling off a business casual look will come down to how well you layer it. This is an opportunity to wear your favorite white t-shirt but you will need to layer it with a jacket or blazer on top. This added outerwear is just one way you can bump up your simple outfit from casual to business casual.

Your next step is to make sure you have the right bottoms to complete the look. While there is certainly some high-quality denim out there, grabbing some chinos for your business casual outfits is your best bet. Chinos are another way to bridge that gap between a casual and formal outfit, as with the right blazer or jacket top, they appear like dressier pants than something like jeans would.

Complete your look with the right pair of shoes. Depending on whether your environment is calling for a more “casual” or “business” dress code, you can tailor your shoe choice to either requirement. If you are leaning toward the more casual side of business casual, then a nice pair of sneakers should work fine. However, if you need to appear more formal, then leather loafers or dress shoes are a good way to tie together your outfit.

Try Pairing Your White Tee With Some Chinos

Now we just mentioned how chinos can work for a business casual outfit, but they are not limited to them! While the chinos that many people have are more frequently referred to as “khakis”, chinos actually come in many different colors and can pull together many different outfits.

Chinos worked in the business casual outfit because they are a great bridge between casual outfits and formal ones, so now that we went over the more formal option, let’s cover how you can wear them casually.

For warm and breezy spring and summer days, pairing a white round neck t-shirt or even a V-neck t-shirt with some khaki or blue chinos and loafers is a comfortable and stylish way to enjoy the outdoors, especially if boating or somewhere near the water. As the fall and cooler months arrive, you can grab your white long sleeve t-shirt and finish your outfit with khaki or gray chinos and some boots.

Grab Your New Favorite White T-Shirt

We recommend that every man have at least one white t-shirt, and if you have to have just one, then you need to grab one of the best white t-shirts for men, here at Perk Clothing. We have Low Key Pocket Tees or Low Key Henley’s that are durable, comfortable, and stylish enough to work in many outfits.

If you’re looking for some pants to tie a look together then also check out our Feel Good Chinos and you’ll never need another pair again.