What To Style With Khaki Chino Pants – Your Style Guide

What To Style With Khaki Chino Pants – Your Style Guide

Khaki chino pants are a necessary item for any man’s wardrobe—but even if you have a pair, it can be a struggle to work out the best way to style this iconic piece. Reliable and classic, the main draw of khaki pants is their incredible versatility and ability to be worn in many different outfits for a range of occasions. 

Perk Clothing is, as always, your ally in the clothing game! Let’s take a look at some fresh ways to style khaki pants outfits for your wardrobe.

Casual Comfort

Making sure you’re prepared with attire for business as well as pleasure is an important consideration when building your wardrobe. No staple strikes this balance as perfectly as khaki pants. Style these versatile pants for any occasion—dressed up or down, nothing says “smart casual” quite like crisp khakis. 

A black shirt and khaki pants can work as a stylish and comfortable outfit and can be tailored to the occasion by pairing it with oxfords or tennis shoes, depending upon the desired formality. A khaki pants outfit can get more complicated, but with their neutral color and great comfort, you have plenty of wiggle room to develop a look all your own. 

If you want to add just a little bit of formality to your casual outfit, you can pair your khaki pants with a button-up shirt. This could work for cooler days, or if you just want something a touch classier than a plain t-shirt.

Speaking of what to wear on cooler days: on those days when the temperature is a little bit too low for just a t-shirt, a casual crewneck sweater can pair wonderfully with a pair of khaki pants.

Dressing Up

Now, if you want to wear your khaki pants in a business setting, or you just usually prefer a more formal look, then khaki pants can be dressed up. Khaki pants outfits were practically made for semi-formal settings.

If you have a nice blazer that you’re eager to use or even a playfully patterned sportcoat, then you’re halfway to the perfect smart-casual look. Pair it with your favorite khaki chinos, and the base of your outfit with khakis is prepped. Top it off with a button-up and maybe a statement tie, and you have an effortless, summer formal on your hand. For outdoor activities such as a church picnic, feel free to play with your khaki pants outfit. Men’s options are wider than you may think for such occasions, and you can take some risks with what to wear with khaki pants.


Whether you’re putting together a smart casual or semi-formal number, accessories aren’t to be overlooked! Accessorizing is important to complete your look, and having an arsenal of options is key to setting off an otherwise plain look. 

Having a quality watch can go a long way in elevating outfits with an air of luxury. Regarding footwear, avoiding casual and comfortable sneakers is probably the best bet for more formal occasions. Some nice leather dress shoes can be an excellent addition to your khaki pants outfit, along with a nice belt. 

Color Options

Khaki-style pants are very flexible when it comes to what colors you can pair with them in your outfit. Khaki isn’t too vibrant or eccentric, so that makes khaki color pants highly versatile.

Blues and reds are popular options for casual and formal outfits. Both deep navy and light, baby blue can pair well with your khaki pants style. You should consider picking up a nice pair of white dress sneakers to cover various color options. If you are more comfortable in reds, a simple apple red or a rich maroon will work well with your khaki pants outfit as well!

A great khaki pants outfit for men may mean the addition of a blazer, which will mean upping your shoe game. Never fear: Khaki color pants work great with a pair of Chelsea boots or boat shoes. 

Earth tones especially greens and browns also pair well with khakis. Pairing your khaki chinos with a brown shirt and some leather shoes can provide a monochrome look that may be a bit too different for some people but can look excellent when coordinated correctly.


Part of feeling good is dressing well, so take the time to figure out what to wear on different occasions. Taking care of your appearance and presenting your best self can go a long way to making sure you feel like your best self. That’s where the “Feel Good” in Feel Good Chinos comes from! They’re comfortable to wear all day, and they can give you the confidence in your appearance necessary to feel good inside.

With all the different clothing options available today, it can be hard to sift through and find what can work best for you. But nothing has the same timeless appeal as a pair of khaki chino pants. Browse our selection, find what to wear, and choose the pair that is right for you.