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9 Summer Style Tips for Men to Elevate Their Game

Summer is just around the corner. That means fun days at the beach and just getting out to enjoy the sun. But what are you going to wear? The summer heat creates a particular challenge for men wanting to look their best without sacrificing comfort.

For many men, this seems like a fact of life: choose comfort or choose style. 

But this couldn’t be further from the truth! With the right know-how, anyone can rock an awesome style without getting too hot under the collar. That’s why we’ve put together this list of summer style tips for men to keep you looking cool no matter how hot it gets. 

1. Go for Tailored Fits 

There’s nothing more off-putting than clothes that don’t fit right. Saggy and boxy looks weren’t in last summer and won’t be this summer either. Your clothes need to fit, even if it’s just a casual pair of shorts and a tee. 

When it comes to summer outfits for men, look no further than Perk. Our Feel Good Tee has a tailored mid-section to save you from that boxy look and a stay-flat neck collar, perfect for active summer days. 

In fact, a crew neck T-shirt might just be the ultimate summer essential. It works in just about anything in your wardrobe. Why? Well, it’s customizable, layer-able, and makes a statement without putting on too much of a show. 

2. Style to the Weather 

Styling for the summer heat can be hard. It’s so hot, you can’t layer an outfit too much. No, you’ll want something light and simple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while you’re at it. 

That’s why our summer style tips for men include light and breathable outfits to stay cool while looking cool. We can’t have you ruining your look with excessive sweating. For example, Oxford and linen shirts are remarkably safe choices.

3. Colors Pop in the Sun 

Unless you live in a cave and never leave, you’re going to be in the sun at some point this summer. And the summer sun is particularly strong. That’s why our summer style tips for men say, “Use the sun to your advantage!”

Bold and bright colors pop in strong light. No, really. This isn’t some fashion jargon. Light bounces off bright colors like strong reds and yellows. That means the stronger the light, the more you’ll stand out. Experiment and find what colors work best for you.

Bonus men’s summer fashion tip: Particularly hot day? Worried about sweating through your outfit? Choose a white shirt to reflect the most possible light and stay cooler. 

4. Give Prints a Chance

Summer is the time to be fun and out there with your clothes. Whereas prints may be an iffy choice during the other seasons, they’re just the right amount of fun for the summer months. Plus, they come in a fun variety of colors and patterns that you can use to match your style.

Just remember to pair prints with solid colors or you’re going to look like walking wallpaper. Perk’s got you covered. Check our selection of neutral-colored Chinos to help you rock your favorite print shirt. Pick up a pair today and be ready for summer tomorrow. 

5. Know Your Fabrics

When it comes to summer style tips for men, knowing your fabrics is just as important to be comfortable as it is to look good. 

During the summer, you’re going to be dressing light. Period. That means no jackets, no coats, no long sleeves. If you want to stay cooler than a tank top and shorts, you’ll need to be choosy with your fabrics. In addition to lighter hues, opt for linen, chambray, and light cotton for your attire.

If the weather is on the mild side of summer, you’ll be able to opt for those heavier items like light jackets and overshirts. Though, don’t count on it for that mid-summer heat. 

Speaking of fabrics, you really need to experience our Feel Good Tee for yourself. Our proprietary knit is super soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking – a must-have for your summer wardrobe. 

6. Little Accessories Go a Long Way 

When it’s too hot to wear a lot, it’s time to accessorize. Accessories will go a long way to keep you looking cool. And the best part? You’ll look like you’re not even trying.

Depending on your personal tastes, consider picking up some sunglasses, hats, watches, or even necklaces if that’s what catches your fancy. Together, they’ll add up to make your plain outfit into something distinctive. 

7. Ditch the Flip Flops

Yes, it’s hot out and you want your feet to breathe. However, for the sake of style, skip the flip-flops unless you’re heading to the beach.

Rather, opt for loafers, boat shoes, or full sandals. Much like your accessories, these options can help you build a distinctive look that you can rock all summer. 

8. Stay Versatile

You’re going to be out and about this season. Whether you’re heading to the beach or going to the park, you need to be ready. You might not get the chance to change. That’s why men’s summer fashion has to be versatile. 

So, pick out an outfit you can switch up on the fly. This can be as simple as wearing a crew neck t-shirt with a light button-up and a pair of Perk’s form-fitting Chinos.

Our Chinos have an amazing and breathable fabric for all-day wear, whether you’re sitting down for a picnic or going for a hike. You’ll be comfortable and ready for anything summer fun throws your way. 

9. Tame the Beard 

Although this is a list of summer style tips for men, you need this one year-round. Grooming is essential. No matter how good your outfit is, an unkempt beard will ruin it immediately. 

So, trim that beard. Mind you, we say trim. You don’t have to shave for this one at all. Pick yourself up some dedicated beard or mustache scissors from almost any store. You’ll find them in the hygiene section. Then head home and go to town on those stray hairs to shape up your facial hair to match your personal tastes.

And that’s just your facial hair. You need to care for your hair and skin as well. For the summer, this means regular showers, moisturizer, and lots of sunscreen before you head out for the weekend. 

Stay Cool with Perk 

Armed with these summer fashion tips for men, you’re ready to start the season. Now you just need to update your wardrobe. So, go ahead and grab some fun prints you weren’t so sure about, and try them out. Find some fun colors that match your personality and see how they rock in the sun. And if you remember this advice, you’ll stay comfortable and stylish this summer.
Perk has everything you need to kickstart your summer right. For more men’s fashion tips, check out our blog.