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T-Shirts That Offer Long-Lasting Comfort with Every Wear

Comfortable tees are a staple for every guy’s wardrobe. With so many versions of comfy plain t-shirts out there, from cheap to expensive, athletic to baggy, there’s something for everyone when it comes to these quintessential clothing articles. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about comfortable tees in men’s sizes. Comfy cotton t-shirts for men are broader and more boxy than women’s tees, and that’s what makes them so darn comfortable. After all, this is what many of us wear on a daily basis. When you want to jazz things up, you might throw a button-up or a blazer over your comfy cotton t-shirt, but the comfy plain t-shirt is a base that most men can count on. 

Here, you’ll find all the reasons why comfy cotton t-shirts are so great and why guys love them. We’ll also give you some advice on how you can style them to fit your unique vibe, since, after all, comfort wash t-shirts aren’t just for comfort. They can also be a great way to show off your style! You can roll the sleeves or even tuck in the front to show off your casual look. There’s not much you can’t do with a t-shirt. 

comfortable tees, comfort wash t shirts, comfortable men's t shirts,

Benefits of Wearing Cotton

There are all sorts of things in life that are made with cotton - towels, threads, sheets, and t-shirts to name a few. Since it’s used for so many different applications, you can bet that it comes with a long list of benefits. 

Here are some benefits to choosing cotton over any other material: 

It’s cooling.

Cotton is breathable, so moisture will go right through the tee and evaporate quickly. You won’t have to suffer with the material stuck to you in uncomfortable places like your neck or underarms on hot days

It’s durable.

Cotton won’t deteriorate in the wash after a few cycles like many other materials will. It also keeps its shape very well, not stretching or sagging over time. 

It’s low-maintenance.

    Cotton does just fine with being popped in the washer and the dryer, no need for dry cleaning or even ironing. This is great for busy guys who just want comfortable tees that they don’t have to think very hard about. 

    It’s all natural.

      Cotton comes from the cotton plant, so if you concentrate on being eco-friendly, cotton is 100% safe for you to use. It’s natural and sustainable, too, with a small carbon footprint. 

      comfortable tees, comfort wash t shirts, comfortable men's t shirts,

      It doesn’t have an odor. 

        Some natural materials, like leather and wool, come with their own unique odor. That isn’t the case with cotton. You can wear a cotton shirt right out of the packaging if you want! 

        There’s no static electricity.

          Cotton doesn’t conduct electricity, which means these comfortable tees won’t stick to you in the wintertime or make your hair stand on end. 

          Styling Your Tee Shirts

          At Perk, we offer tops in all sorts of styles. From our comfort colors long-sleeve tee, the Low Key Long Sleeve, to our most comfortable white t-shirt, the Low Key Pocket Tee, we’ve got it all. Our shirts are made with pima cotton, which means they’re not just soft, they’re durable too. These aren’t shirts that you’ll wear once only to have them fall apart in the wash. Our comfortable men’s t-shirts are built to last, and can be styled in tons of different ways that will show off your personality. 

          Coming in sizes S-3X, we cater to all shapes and sizes. 

          What’s great about our comfy plain t-shirts is the fact that they can be styled any way you want, in manners that show off your personality and uniqueness. Even better, we offer kits that include a 2, 3, 4, or 5-pack of your favorite tees - it’s always best to have a lot of something if you really love it! 

          Here are four ways that you can style Perk’s comfortable men’s t-shirts:

          1. With jeans.

          This is a timeless look that offers an iconic feel that nothing else can quite measure up to. Whether you’re going on a date or shopping in the afternoon, this look won’t steer you wrong. 

          2. With chinos. 

          This elegant look allows you to be dressed for any and every occasion. It’s laid-back enough for going out to the bar, but classy enough for the office, too. 

          comfortable tees, comfort wash t shirts, comfortable men's t shirts,

          3. Under a jacket or blazer.

          Round neck is mandatory for this style, as it creates a preppy, casual feel that can’t be beat. 

          4. With joggers or sweats.

          Is there anything better than wearing comfortable tees as loungewear? We don’t think so! 

          Styling Your Comfy Tees

          At Perk, we pair style and comfort in the most fashionable way. To learn more on how to optimize your wardrobe with our comfy cotton t-shirts, check out our blog