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Perk's Best Fitted T-Shirts Changed the Fashion Trends for Fitness Freaks

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There are many different reasons you may go to the gym, but regardless of how you got there, your hard work and consistency will show when you leave, mainly through your body. If you are a man for whom fitness is a crucial part of your weekly, if not daily, routine, then you might also be concerned with just how well your wardrobe presents your results.

Getting more fit can sometimes mean getting new clothes, but it can be difficult to find t-shirts that fit well. So here at Perk Clothing, we offer the best-fitted t-shirts for men, designed to help you feel proud and comfortable with your body. We don’t think larger builds should be excluded from popular styles and only given access to specific fitness fashion trends.

To help you learn a little more about all of the good-fitting t-shirts we have to offer, let’s go over the different available styles.

Feel Good Tee

Our Feel Good Tee is a simple plain colored t-shirt design, but it is anything but basic. It is made from Peruvian Pima Cotton, which makes these t-shirts comfortable, durable, and fashionable for a long time. They stay bright and retain their color well throughout washes while getting softer over time.


And for those men who have developed some nice biceps throughout their hours in the gym, you can rest assured that this tee was designed to emphasize all of those gains.

Now there’s no guarantee that you are a guy that will be the same size all of the time. Maybe you want to add on even more muscle in the future? You shouldn’t worry about these shirts staying with you because we made sure to keep this scenario in mind.

Our fabric is a 4-way stretch that helps with the fit while you are wearing it and retains the shape when you take it off. Feel comfortable knowing that you look good wearing it now and will continue to look good well into the future.

Low Key Pocket Tee

Our Low Key Pocket Tee offers a little bit more flair than the Feel Good Tee due to the added pocket, but the quality of the t-shirt is consistent. Many pocket tees we have seen before did not come well designed for men with bigger builds. This meant that smaller arm openings and slimmer chest areas made this style off-limits sometimes to those who tried to bulk during their time in the gym.


Well, we made sure our pocket tees could be worn by fit men of larger builds as well. These shirts are fitted but not restraining. The design was intended to accentuate all of those key muscle areas you have worked so hard to develop, but without making it feel like you are busting through the shirt.

Low Key Long Sleeve

One clothing style that may have also presented a challenge for more fit guys out there, would be long sleeves. Another t-shirt design that can sometimes favor thinner builds, we wanted to make sure we could serve our customers who retained more mass throughout their upper and lower arms.


Its 4-way stretch design and flattering sleeves make our Low Key Long Sleeve a must-have long sleeve t-shirt for any man who wants to emphasize their arms even when they aren’t well exposed. This shirt design also goes another step forward for style, by making the sleeves “watch length” which means you can still present your classy timepiece.

Low Key Henley

Another t-shirt style that we wanted to make more accessible to the fit man, was the Henley t-shirt. Our Low Key Henley is another instance where we wanted men to be able to show off all of that definition in their arms, even when their sleeves weren’t low.


Our Low Key Henley features form-fitting sleeves that won’t be so tight that onlookers will see every vein in your arm, but flattering enough that your muscle tone will be clearly understood upon viewing. No more being covered up by bunches of fabric.

Flex your Fitness with Fitted Shirts from Perk Clothing

If you’re a beast in the gym who devotes a lot of time and energy to gaining and maintaining your muscle, then you’ll want to make sure that you display your efforts well. The right clothing is what you’ll need to make sure your figure is well on display.

Here at Perk Clothing, we understand that desire to find the best fitting t-shirt for guys who really value fitness. Browse our selection of tops and find the perfect fitting t-shirt to help put your form on display.