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Tired of buying rags?

We don't like wasting our money either. Other brands don't tell you this, but cotton t-shirts reach their final form after 3 washes. Most don't make it past the first, so we engineered a men's t-shirt that fits beautifully after years of washing, pulls your look together, and makes you feel amazing.

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While you're being rough, it's getting softer.

✔️ Resists wrinkles
✔️ Stays bright
✔️ Pills less 
✔️ Get softer with time

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An impeccable fit, especially after washing.

✔️ Stay-flat neck collar
✔️ Subtle curved hem
✔️ Tapered fit that's not snug
✔️ Washes to perfection

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Look & Feel Amazing

The Peruvian Pima Cotton fabric is ridiculously cozy and is something you'll be hesitant to take off.

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Fits Like a Dream

It's got a tiny bit of extra length from the curved hem, but still hits right around your jeans pockets (which, by the way, is about where you want any tee to hit). It's flattering for a wide range of body types. Luckily, getting your hands on all these features won't break the bank:

"The best purchase I've made in years"

John Dibán

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"The constant problem I have is that I get lots of tees and wear them 2 or 3 times at most. They turn into rags. I bought a t-shirt on Perk and I've had it for a few months now; I've washed it multiple times and it still looks new. My girlfriend says I look great in it and I can wear this thing day and night. Moving forward, I'm only buying Perk t-shirts."

Daniel Bernhard
Founder of Pixelpay 


"I’ve always bought Supima tees at department stores, but it turns out the name doesn’t really mean anything when the T-shirt isn't designed to wash well. I bought my Perk T-shirts and I’ve been wearing them for weeks now, and I’m happy to say that they are even softer than before. They fit perfectly and i’m looking forward to wearing them for a long time."

Jack D.
Repeat Customer

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