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Business Casual in the Winter: Styles to Try This Season

Whether you’re starting a new job or trying to look your best for the one you have, there’s no doubt that men’s casual office wear for winter is on your mind. While this winter style for men is commonly referenced, sometimes it can come across as vague. After all, what does business casual really mean? How can you make your men’s winter outfits say exactly what you want them to without breaking the bank or trying too hard? 

Your winter office outfits for men should make a good impression, there’s no doubt about that. That’s exactly why we put this article together. Once you get familiar with the staples of business casual, you’ll feel more confident when you rock your cool winter outfits for guys. 

Most workplaces aren’t sticklers for the suit and tie anymore, and instead opt for men’s casual office wear. What’s especially great about business casual is the fact that it really comes to life in the fall and winter - so get ready to make a statement. 



What Is Business Casual?

Business casual for men includes a button-down shirt, dress pants or a nice pair of chinos, and quality shoes. Look at it this way: it’s less formal than a suit, but fancier than jeans. 

The specific definition of business casual depends on your workplace. Every office is different, so your winter work outfits for men will be different, too. In some offices, a high-quality black t-shirt and a pair of jeans is dressy enough for the everyday guy. For others, all that’s going to fly are chinos and a pair of loafers, partnered with a tucked-in polo shirt and a woven belt. 

No matter the vibe of your workplace, keep in mind that, as you get older, your male winter outfits should mature with you. 

Useful Examples 

One of the most classic winter work outfits for men is a button-up shirt, slacks with a belt, and loafers - just make sure that your loafers and belt match. A collared shirt and slacks are usually a safe bet and, as long as your clothes are ironed or steamed, you should look put together in this look. 

Blazers are always a good choice, and vests are too.

Your Essential Guide

Here are some guidelines to expect regarding each piece of the best winter clothes for men. Take a look and see what you should be on the lookout for. 

  • Shirts

  • The shirt is the most important aspect of your winter office outfits for men. What’s great about it is that there is so much to choose from when it comes to shirt styles. 

    Since you probably won’t be wearing a tie, choose a shirt that hugs your neckline in a flattering manner. Slim is on trend, but if slim isn’t a flattering cut for you, there’s nothing wrong with the classic cut for your winter look for men. 

    Whether you’re wearing flannel or cotton, your business casual shirt should always be tucked in, and tucked in the right way. 

    • Pants 

    Dress pants are a must for male winter outfits; they can tie your whole look together in a classy, sophisticated way. Choose a true classic like khaki pants - just remember to opt for slim fit instead of skinny. There are plenty of khakis made with technical fabric on the market today, but classic cotton is the best choice for business casual wear. 

    Through it all, khaki chinos won’t lead you astray! They look good on all body types and they have a certain way of flattering your unique physique. Check out what we have to offer regarding chinos at Perk, and you won’t be disappointed. 



    If you’d rather wear dress pants, lean towards navy blue, gray, light blue, or charcoal. Whether you choose a pleated or flat front is up to you, just make sure you’ve got a good fit. 

  • Shoes

  • Shoes are a great place to be creative with your men’s winter outfits. The classic oxford shoe and the derby dress shoe are classic options, but brogues aren’t out of the question. Casual dress shoes like loafers and monk straps are great, too. 

    But, since it’s male winter outfits we’re talking about, we can’t forget about boots. Chukka/desert boots or Chelsea boots are super stylish, and they look great with business casual pants. Go with a classic color like brown, burgundy, or oxblood to make sure that your shoes flow nicely with your winter look for men. 

    Creating Your Look

    Once you’ve got your business casual winter style for men down, you can get creative within the dress code and find what really works for you, your body, and your style. As always, if you need more fashion advice on how to look the best at your office, take a look at Perk’s blog.