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Cocktail Attire for Men: Men's Modern Style Dress Code Guide 2023

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Cocktail attire for guys can be difficult, confusing, and downright frustrating to try and figure out. There are lots of tricky dress codes out there, and cocktail wear for men is something that falls into that category easily. While women have the cocktail dress to fall back on, guys don’t have that luxury and, instead, we’re left on our own to figure out the cocktail dress code for men. 

The cocktail outfit for men implies a certain degree of formality, but the worst nightmare of many guys is showing up at an event and being overdressed. But you can count on the fact that cocktail dress for men is an occasion in itself, which means that these nights count as special events that require something a bit different from how you usually dress. You don’t want to pull out the business suit that you wear to work every day, that’s for sure. 

A cocktail event is a great excuse to look sharp and have fun with what you put on. Keep reading to learn more about the cocktail dress code for men. 

Cocktail Attire: The Rundown

Cocktail wear for men is a dress code that must be adhered to. You’ll typically find the request at the bottom of an invitation, and it’s not something you should ever ignore. Most often, you’re going to a party, a soiree, or a prelude to an expensive dinner. Maybe the event is before a Valentine’s Day meal, an anniversary, or a wedding. Usually, there’s some type of big celebration involved. 

At one point, following the cocktail dress code for men might have involved sticking to some pretty strict rules, but that’s not the case so much anymore. It still means a smart jacket and some classy chinos, but you might be able to hang the tie up. After all, you’re not sitting at your desk! You want to look relaxed, yet super classy. 

What to Wear

Here’s where the men’s cocktail party ideas come into play. These are some events where cocktail wear for men is most appreciated:

  • Cocktail parties
  • Evening events 
  • Receptions 
  • Celebrations for special events like retirements, reunions, an anniversaries 
  • Dinner dates
  • Networking events 

If the invitation doesn’t clarify the dress code, it’s always safe to go with cocktail attire for guys for weddings, work events, and other similar social gatherings that take place during the evening. If the event doesn’t call for black-tie, a cocktail party suit is acceptable. 

Style Tips 

To look your best in cocktail wear for men, follow these tips and you’ll be the best looking guy in the room. 

  • Keep Fabrics In Mind

  • While it’s true that flat and woven clothes work for a conservative environment, they’re not the best choice for a cocktail outfit for men - not even in the summer. Instead, choose fabrics that have an interesting texture or a certain sheen. Think along the lines of velvet and silk. While these fabrics might look out of place at your workplace, they’ll be perfectly suited for a cocktail event. 

  • Casual To A Degree

  • Your casual cocktail attire for males should be precise, but not stiff. There is definitely a way to be too casual (don’t bust out your techwear for these occasions), but there are also ways to make casual work for you. For example, if you wanted to rock one of Perk’s classy tops under a blazer, you could definitely pull that off in your cocktail outfit for men. 

  • Color Is Important

  • Color can go very right, and it can also go very wrong. If you’re not sure about the colors to wear, try accessorizing with them rather than making them the focus of your look. You might choose to accessorize with pink or turquoise because, while those colors can be a lot to handle as the main event, they look great in small doses. When it comes to deep, rich shades, though - like wine red, purple, and green - try those out with your jacket and amp up your look. 

    When in doubt, remember that midnight blue is a great choice. It’s flattering to most complexions, it looks good under bright lights, and it pairs well with a bright white shirt and black loafers. 

  • Clean Up Nice

  • In order to fit the bill for your men’s cocktail attire ideas, make sure that your hygiene is top-tier. That means that your shirts and pants are properly ironed, neatly folded, and polished as is appropriate for the occasion. There’s no reason that you should attend a cocktail event while looking like a slob! 

    Glamorize Your Night

    Cocktail events are a great way to show off your style and express your sharpest self. For more tips on how to dress your best and make cocktail wear for men your own, visit Perk’s blog