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Care for Summer Chinos: Wash and Store to Maintain The Quality

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All types of pants are susceptible to fading, and chinos are no exception. Actually, these pants are more vulnerable to fading because chino's fabric tends to be very thin. 

Chinos are made of chino cloth, which is thinner than both cotton and denim. But just because chinos are susceptible to fading doesn’t mean you want it to happen, so Perk is here with the best tips on how to keep your chino pants material nice for as long as you possibly can. 

Lean Towards the Light 

Did you know that chinos made of light chino twill fabric are less likely to fade than those made of dark fabric? It’s true, which is why leaning towards light-colored chinos will help to keep these pants nice for an extended period of time. 

A few light-colored chinos include khaki, gray, aqua, green, and white. While these chinos are still capable of fading, they do so at a much slower rate. 

chinos fabric, chinos fabric, chino twill fabric


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Wash in Cold Water

Are chinos machines washable? 

When people invest in our chinos, they want to take care of them correctly. You’ll be glad to know that yes, chinos are machine washable, but you should wash them in cold water in order to preserve their color for as long as possible. 

Cold water removes stains just as well as hot water does, and it prevents the dye from being released in chinos - at least, it makes it happen more slowly than hot water does.

chinos fabric, chinos fabric, chino twill fabric


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Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

Besides washing your chinos in cold water, there are more tricks to preserve your chino pants material. Using a smaller amount of detergent causes your pants to release less dye - so, the more detergent you use, the more dye your pants will release. 

If you pour your detergent into the dispenser rather than into the washer drum, you’ll have the help of the line that tells you how much detergent to use. If you don’t go past that line, you can clean your chinos nicely without them fading prematurely. 

Turn Them Inside Out

Yet another trick of the trade for chino fabric is to turn your chino pants inside out before you toss them into the washer. We know that chinos and t-shirts make a great outfit, but don’t just toss your chinos in with your shirts without completing this step. Turning the pants inside out will make a huge difference in how they preserve their color. 

When you wash your chino pants inside out, the exterior isn’t exposed to the water and the detergent - the interior is. So, that means the exterior is protected - and that’s the part that matters! 

 chinos fabric, chinos fabric, chino twill fabric


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Tumble or Line Dry

How do you wash and dry chino pants?

We’ve gone over how to wash chino pants, now let’s get into how to dry them. You may choose to line dry your chino pants or tumblr dry them without using any heat. 

Hanging your chinos on the line outdoors, along with your t-shirts, is a great way to encourage a nice, fresh smell. But if you’d rather dry them on a line indoors, you can do that too. 

How to Store Chinos

If you store your chinos in an area that experiences direct sunlight, you can almost guarantee that their color will fade quickly. If you store them in a dark area, their dye has a lower chance of oxidizing and, therefore, it will not fade so fast. 

Of course, you can still wear your chinos outdoors when the sun is shining, but try to store them out of the way of the sun. Most dressers and closets do a fine job of this - as long as there’s not an open window nearby that’s constantly letting light into your storage space, you should be just fine with storing your chinos there. 

Choosing Quality Over Quantity

The best tip that we can give you, the one that will ensure that you’re the best-styled guy in your group, is that you should choose high quality chinos over cheap ones. The best quality chinos, like those we sell at Perk, are much less likely to fade than those made of cheap, low quality fabric. 

High quality chinos are made with expert craftsmanship and top-tier chino material. You don’t have to worry about them fading before their time or degrading before you have a chance to break them in. When you buy high quality chinos, you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

 chinos fabric, chinos fabric, chino twill fabric

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Investing at Perk

At Perk, we only sell the highest quality chinos, and we want to make sure that you feel confident in knowing how to take care of them. The care routine for these pants isn’t too complicated, but remember - if you need further advice on how to best maintain your chino pants, stop by Perk’s blog