Good Friday Outfits, good friday clothes for men

Good Friday Outfits: What Men Should Wear on Good Friday

Good Friday celebrations are around the corner for a lot of guys. 

By now, you know Perk will never let you go into any situation without the right information, so we’re here to tell you all about the Good Friday meaning - but not only that. We’re here to tell you about what men should wear on Good Friday as well. We’ve got you covered in every aspect of this holiday. 

What is Good Friday? 

Good Friday always takes place on the Friday before Easter Sunday. Many think that it might have gotten its name from the phrase “God’s Friday,” but there’s no clear answer as to where the term ‘Good Friday’ actually came from. 

To Christians, this is the day that Jesus was crucified, which means that if you’re going to church on Good Friday (which this article assumes that you are), expect the service to be somber instead of joyful. 

What is the best color to wear on Good Friday?

Since the vibe of a Good Friday service is typically solemn and sorrowful, dark colors are the way to go. Whether you decide to wear chinos in a dark shade or a dark shirt or blazer  is up to you. 

But it’s important to remember that this isn’t a funeral, so you shouldn’t dress for one. It might be wise to stay away from wearing black on the top and bottom of your Good Friday outfit.

Good Friday Outfits, good friday clothes for men


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Men’s Outfits for Good Friday

Whether you’re going to a church that you attend every week or trying out a service at a brand new location, know that most churches don’t have a written dress code - but there is an unspoken rule that you should look put together when you enter the building - especially on Good Friday. In most cases, you’ll find that ‘put together’ means dark chino pants, a tucked-in shirt, nice footwear, and a classy belt. 

Make sure everyone knows that you’re taking the service seriously with your Good Friday outfit, and there are plenty of ways to make that happen while upholding your personal style standards. 



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The Basic Rules

Here are some basic rules to uphold while figuring out Good Friday clothes for men: 

  • Know that every church is different. 
        • Some lean towards formalwear while others may not. Know what you’re getting into before you plan your Good Friday outfit. 
  • Know what to avoid.
        • Women wearing hats in church is typically okay, but it’s a no-no for guys. Sneakers are usually something to avoid, too. 
  • Keep it simple. 
  • Putting Together Your Good Friday Outfit

    What should a man wear on a casual Friday?

    Casual Friday is a lot different than Good Friday. Casual Friday involves jeans and sneakers, whereas Good Friday does not.

    Let’s get started on how to compile your men’s outfits for Good Friday. 

    Good Friday Outfits, good friday clothes for men

    Starting With Pants 

    Pants are the foundation of your Good Friday outfit. You can’t build the rest of your outfit without starting here. 

    Most men choose chinos for this type of occasion because they are comfortable to wear and appear ultra classy. They also have the potential to look even classier if you know what to pair them with, meaning shoes, shirts, and blazers. 

    Moving Onto Shoes

    Shoes should not be underestimated for your Good Friday outfit - they play a big role in how your whole look comes together. 

    Instead of sneakers, choose oxfords, derby shoes, loafers, brogues, or chukkas, depending on the vibe of the church you’re attending. 

    Choosing the Shirt

    When it comes to your shirt, you can’t go wrong with a solid-colored button-up tucked into your chino pants. If you want to class it up, wear a blazer overtop of that - but if a blazer isn’t your style, you might choose to layer a cardigan or a sweater or your dress shirt. 

    Choosing Accessories 

    Good Friday clothes for men can come alive with accessories. These details are a great way to add a bit of individuality and personality to your look. Here are some accessories to consider for your men’s outfits for Good Friday: 


  • A Nice Belt
        • Matching your belt with your shoes is alway useful in creating a streamlined, sophisticated appearance. 
  • Dress Socks
        • Dress socks blend in well with your pants and shoes, but they can also be used to oppose blending in. They’re a great way to show off your fun side without compromising the class factor of your Good Friday outfit. 
      • Hats 
        • As we stated earlier, hats are not something for guys to wear in church, because doing so is often considered disrespectful. 
  • Jewelry or a Watch
      • By picking a nice necklace or a watch that blends with your outfit, you’re creating the best look possible and showing that you really care about looking nice on Good Friday. 
    Good Friday Outfits, good friday clothes for men

    Tips for Church on Good Friday

    Here are some tips to keep in mind for service on Good Friday: 

  • Be Modest
        • The Good Friday service you’re attending isn’t the time to show off your latest streetwear. We understand that you have a keen eye for fashion, but keep in mind that today is about being respectful and observing the holiday, not your clothes. 
  • Don’t Be Too Casual
        • Some guys have the fear of being overdressed, but trust us when we say it’s smarter to be overdressed than underdressed. Torn bottoms, skinny jeans, or ripped jeans are considered disrespectful, especially on such an important holiday. 
  • Avoid Loose-Fitting Shirts
        • No matter what bottoms you decide to wear on Good Friday, your dress shirt should always be fitted. Choosing a fresh shirt in light colors or pastels makes for a nice look. 
  • Forget the Tie
        • It might be difficult to separate the dress shirt and tie in your mind. While it’s true that the two go together on other occasions, church isn’t the time for a shirt and tie. If you like the feel of a tie, try substituting it with a scarf. 
  • Try a Pullover
        • If you decide to wear a button-up with a tie under your blazer for Good Friday service, you’ll surely look nice. But if you’d rather not show the buttons on your shirt in such a way, try out a lightweight pullover under your blazer instead. 
  • Your Clothes Should Look Nice
        • You should never be pulling clothes out of the laundry hamper in preparation for a Good Friday service. Your church outfit should always be clean, well-fitting, and free of any wrinkles. You want to put your best foot forward not only on Good Friday, but anytime you attend a church service. 
  • Avoid Vibrant Colors
      • This service is not meant for you to stick out. If you choose to wear vibrant colors, you could divert the attention of those sitting near you away from what really matters. Be humble instead and choose neutral tones and solids.

    Good Friday Outfits, good friday clothes for men


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    Looking Your Best on Good Friday

    By following these tips from Perk, you’re sure to have a pleasant Good Friday in church surrounded by people you love. For more advice on how to wear the right clothes for certain occasions, make sure to visit Perk’s blog