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21 Easter Outfit Ideas for Men To Wear In 2023

Easter. Whether you celebrate it religiously or simply use it as a day to get together with family, it helps if you know what to wear. No matter if you’re a guy who would rather pack simple Easter outfits or something all-out and high fashion, we’ve got the ideas to get you started. 

What should men wear for Easter?

Your men’s Easter outfit ideas depend on the type of guy you are, how you usually dress, and the type of occasion you plan on attending. 

21 Easter Ideas

Perk has the Easter outfit ideas you need. Let’s get started with our 21 Easter outfits for guys. 

1. An Easter-Themed Tee

We know this outfit choice might be a little silly - but we want to get the lighthearted fun out of the way before we dive into all the ins and outs of your Easter Sunday outfit ideas. If you’re just hanging at your family’s house for the day, who’s to say you can’t get casual and throw on a tee shirt

2. Layer With a Jacket

Easter might take place during the springtime, but that doesn’t mean that hot weather is completely upon us yet. To stay comfortable with your Easter festivities, consider pairing a jacket with whatever you’ve got on. 

3. Casual Suits

If you’re shooting for a casual suit look for your men’s Easter outfit, choose a soft pima cotton t-shirt over a button-down with your suit jacket. Skip the tie, style your blazer with a pocket square, and wear no-show socks or none at all.

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4. Office Attire

If you’re headed to an Easter Sunday church service, skip the jeans, shorts, and open shirts and opt for a classic white button-down and black chinos. If you accessorize with a silver watch, you’ll be the best-looking guy there.

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5. Business Casual 

If you’re most comfortable in what you wear to work, there’s no reason you can’t incorporate your business casual looks into your men’s Easter outfit. Try out a navy blue suit or a lightweight sweater and khaki chinos and you’ll be set to go.

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6. Sports Coat 

Guys heading out to Sunday service and a family brunch might consider wearing a button-down shirt and a sports coat. If there’s an egg hunt scheduled for later, simply take off the sports coat and go for a more casual vibe. Men’s casual Easter outfits can look great, too! 

7. Pastel Colors

What colors to wear Easter Sunday?

One color you probably shouldn’t wear is red. It sticks out on this holiday. Instead, choose pastels and light shades for your Easter outfits for guys and go from there. Pairing those types of colors with navy blue chinos is always a nice look. 

8. Floral Patterns

Wearing a floral pattern is difficult to pull off, but it can work for guys who know how to rock their Easter clothes. This type of pattern is perfect for spring, and it contrasts well against beige, khaki, and ivory. 

9. Gingham

Gingham can typically be found on plain-woven fabric with stripes, checks, or plaids in bright colors. If your Easter get-together is located outside, a gingham shirt with the sleeves rolled up is a great option. Pair it with shorts or chinos, depending on the weather. 

10. Seersucker 

Seersucker definitely gives off the vibe of spring, which is why there’s no time better than Easter to wear it. This is another great pattern to wear with shorts, especially if you’re going to be spending time outside this holiday. 

11. Chinos

Wearing chinos with your men’s Easter outfit is always the right choice. Not only do these pants come in all sorts of colors, they also fit comfortably and are good for wearing indoors and outdoors. They keep you warm when it’s important and allow for ventilation if the temperature starts to rise. 

12. Accessories

There’s no doubt about it, your men’s Easter outfit ideas should include sunglasses if your holiday takes place outside - along with a hat. If you choose to wear a belt, make sure you’re matching it to your shoes and, if you’re feeling creative, wear some colorful socks that complement your outfit. 

13. A Suit

Wearing a suit on Easter is great, and you can keep it pretty casual by wearing light-colored bottoms with a collared cotton shirt. Pairing this look with a blazer, sunglasses, and all white sneakers will put across the vibe that you want to look nice, but you didn’t try too hard to make it happen. 

14. Semi Formal

If you have in-laws to impress for Easter breakfast, you want to look your best. To do that, dress in a semi-formal fashion with white chinos and a nice shirt in navy blue, maroon, or green. If you pair a nice charcoal gray blazer with this look, you’ll give off the best first impression possible. 

15. Chambray Shirts

A chambray shirt is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to Easter. It looks great in semi-formal settings and casual settings alike, as it can be worn with a formal blazer, chinos, or jeans. And when it’s paired with your oxford shoes, that can be worn with pretty much everything, you’ve got the best look possible going on. 

16. Chinos and a Sweater 

Wearing cropped chinos and a sweater is the perfect way to start off Easter Sunday on the right foot. If you accessorize with a leather watch, you’ll be able to fit in at church and head right to your next Easter gathering with no problem at all. 

17. Perfect Pink 

If there’s any time to try out wearing pink, it’s on Easter Sunday. Pairing a pink shirt with white pants and brown loafers is a great look for Easter lunch, especially if you decide on a brown belt instead of a white one. This is a look that guys of all ages can rock!

18. Dark Wash Jeans

If you wear dark jeans with a leather bomber jacket, you might not be fit for church on Easter Sunday, but you’ll surely be fit for a nice lunch out with friends or family. This looks simple and fashionable all at the same time, especially when you pick out a plain tee shirt with low-top Converse shoes. 

19. Faded Denim

Dark jeans aren’t the only jeans you can rock on Easter - light ones are just as easy to make a nice outfit out of. If you layer a varsity jacket over your t-shirt along with black sunglasses, you’ll be the coolest one at the Easter gathering for sure. 

20. Go For Blue 

Blue is a classy color to wear during spring. You might choose to wear blue chinos and a blue blazer with a white shirt underneath. If you’re headed to a formal occasion, add a white handkerchief to your look. 

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21. Pastels With Checks

We’ve gone over pastels on their own and a gingham print on its own, but when the two are paired together you get a simple Easter outfit that’s out of this world. It puts across the perfect mood for the celebration and looks ultra-classy with leather loafers as well. 

Making the Most of Your Easter

Use these ideas for your Easter celebration to look and feel your best. Get creative with this list and find what works for you and, as always, check out Perk’s blog for more men’s fashion tips.